CTB July 2014 HSC and December 2014 Exam
The Home Study Course (HSC) is offered to help individuals study and prepare for the exam. This course is an intensive three-month on-line program that utilizes a textbook and on-line materials to provide a structured review process. The home study course is offered prior to each scheduled exam.

The HSC allows candidates to work at their own pace from the convenience of their home while taking advantage of a structured study format and personalized guidance. During the HSC, you will receive feedback from the instructor on your strengths and weaknesses, and tips on how to take and pass the exam.

The HSC is not a substitute for the exam. It is designed to provide a guided view of the appropriate material that the exam will cover. Candidates take regular on-line quizzes to assess their understanding of the material.

There are separate fees for the HSC and exam. (Note: If you plan to use the textbook from previous candidates, be sure to check with TIA to make sure you have the appropriate editions of the textbook being used.)  Currently, Foundations of Business, 3rd edition, by Pride, Hughes and Kapoor is the correct textbook.

The textbook, Foundations of Business, 3rd edition, is available new, used or as a rental in a variety of formats including hardback, paperback, and e-book. Please be sure that you do not purchase the 4th edition textbook as it is not currently approved for this class. The text can be purchased through the Amazon link below.