CTB July 2014 HSC and December 2014 Exam

Based on academic scholarship and practical experience, the CTB Program provides brokers:

Marketing Advantages
Certification provides an additional edge in the competitive transportation marketplace. It demonstrates to customers that you have the knowledge base, professional integrity, and professional commitment best suited to meet their transportation needs. Certification may be the most valuable credential you will earn in your brokerage career.

Companies that promote the CTB Program for their employees benefit from its investment. With several CTB's on staff, companies can improve their marketability and increase their value in the marketplace. Customers and clients are assured that such brokerage operations are highly qualified and competent.

Professional Recognition
As a Certified Transportation Broker, you will earn the right to wear the CTB lapel pin, exclusive use of the CTB logo on business cards and letterhead, and a custom-made plaque in recognition of your professional achievement. In addition, press releases are sent to the transportation trade media.

Career Advancement
As a CTB, you'll stand out from your peers to management as a brokerage professional. The knowledge and understanding gained from the certification process will allow you to become a better manager or a more valuable employee.

The fee for the Home Study Course and CTB Exam is $975 for members and $1275 for non-members if the Home Study Course and Exam are purchased at the same time.