Data Drives Government

The evolution of technology continually influences how government organizations interact with citizens, businesses, and other public sector partners. Agency operations are directly influenced by technical and cultural changes that enable new ways to engage citizens and deliver government information and services. Drivers currently impacting this transformation include the rapid expansion of cloud computing, big data analytics, mobile applications, and perhaps most importantly, increasing concerns about cybersecurity. 

Cloudera has developed tools to provide public sector professionals with secure, fast, and easy methods to understand, defend, and apply the information assets they manage. The immediate result of the digitization of everything, particularly the widespread use of mobile and sensor data, has been a significant increase in user expectations and an unprecedented expansion of the digital threat landscape. At the heart of this unstoppable digital transformation is the need to define how government agencies can use the data they collect, generate, protect, and share, to inform better decision-making and drive mission success. Analyzing data and taking action on it can improve operations and service delivery. 

The ability to access, process, and derive actionable information from data impacts several key areas: reducing operational risk, deriving anticipatory intelligence, enabling constituent insights, and supporting more data-driven decision making. This paper discusses each of these areas and how the intelligent application of data drives the business of government.