Explore a path to a more data driven government

Government organisations have enormous data resources. Agency leaders and program management professionals seek practical, secure, and effective methods to extract the valuable information captured in their data repositories—from legacy systems to real-time.

While some organisations having mastered big data management, others still have a lot to learn. The ability to quickly interpret information separates those who will excel in data management from those who will struggle. 

Now in its second year, the Cloudera Government Forum will give you strategies on how you can leverage standards-based, cloud-enabled, and open source data strategies for meaningful digital transformation. 

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Key take-aways

With a focus on open information exchange, the Cloudera Government Forum 2017 provides an unparalleled opportunity for peer-to-peer networking. 

Change the way government does business and move toward more data-driven enterprise - positioned and equipped to address evolving and important national priorities.

  1. Implement strategies and optimise processes to manage, share, and analyse data assets efficiently and cost-effectively

  2. Increase the ability for data engineers and data analysts to respond to business problems through self-service provisioning

  3. Leverage data to enable more efficient search, discovery, and related mission-support capabilities

  4. Architect a comprehensive enterprise data governance strategy that includes the latest innovations in Apache Hadoop

  5. Apply big data analytics to establish and support proactive agency cybersecurity initiatives  


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Who should attend?

Professionals from:

  • Federal Agencies
  • State Departments
  • Local Government
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Defence
  • Bureau Services
  • Authority and Commission
  • Government Entity
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