Doctoral Consortium and Active Learning Workshops

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Active Learning Workshops

Chair: Alex Gerbasi

Interested in learning more on how to use Big Data in your research? How to scrape data from the Web? Once you have the data, 
how to manage it? How to incorporate Big Data in your classes?

Join us at the AOM Big Data Conference for Active Learning Workshops to learn about these topics as well as many others. The Active Learning Workshops are interactive 
tutorials and professional development workshops meant to engage attendees in an exciting hands-on learning experience, delivering training on specific methods, pedagogy, tools, or software related to the conference theme. 


Doctoral Consortium


9:00-9:45 AM

What is big data?  What big data is not?

Professors Margaret White and Tanya Bondarouk will introduce the day’s breakout sessions and presenters, as well as explore key questions 
on the Conference’s theme. They will review how we can apply Big Data as a research tool—and all the considerations of the good, the bad 
and the ugly. The day’s breakout sessions will be followed by a panel discussion with all breakout presenters.

   Break Out Sessions 

9:45 AM-12:15 PM

    Tanya Bondarouk is Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of Twente (The Netherlands), where she leads the interdisciplinary research about HRM, Technology and Innovation. Her research projects cover topics related to an integration of Human Resource Management and social aspects of Information Technologies, such as digitalization of the workforce and HRM, implementation of digital HRM solutions, robotization and workforce management. In this field, she has edited numerous special issues in international journals and twelve scholarly books. Since 2006 she is involved in organizing International Academic Conferences on digital HRM.
    Dr. Dursun Delen is the holder of Spears and Patterson Endowed Chairs in Business Analytics, Director of Research for the Center for Health Systems Innovation, and Regents Professor of Management Science and Information Systems in Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University. Prior to his 17 years in academia, Dr. Delen worked for a consultancy company as a research scientist where he led analytics projects funded by federal agencies, including DoD, NASA, DoE, and NIST. Dr. Delen has published more than 100 peer reviewed research articles and co/authored eight books/textbooks in analytics related topics. He regularly chairs tracks/minitracks in reputed IS conferences and seminars, and serves on more than a dozen academic journals as editor-in-chief, senior editor, associate editor and editorial board member.

Please note, you do not need to separately register for doctoral consortia or active learning workshops. As long as you are registered for the conference, you may attend whichever session(s)you would like.