Virtual Institute 2020


How can I justify this value of this event to my supervisor?

Download the Annual Institute Overview of Benefits document that helps outline all the benefits of the Virtual Institute. You can also download this Justification Letter which allows you to cut and paste your personal message requesting permission.

What is the cancellation/substitution/refund policy?

  • All cancellations must be submitted in writing to
  • Exceptions to the cancellation policy will be evaluated individually
  • Substitutions can be made at anytime without any penalties. Submit substitution details to
  • Please visit the registration information page for more info.

How will I access the virtual event?

After you register and we have recieved your payment, we will contact you directly with login information.

What techical tips can you share to ensure my device will work properly during the virtual event?

Download and review the technical specifications guide here. 

Why do I need to have a log-in and password?

AISAP attributes Continuing Education Credits (CECs) to all sessions. We track you as an idividual with your professional development. Your log-in and password are specific to your professional development. If you share any of your privacy settings with others, you are in breach of the AISAP standards of integity.

What is my AISAP membership status?

Membership status must be current at the time of the event in order to participate at the member rate. Please contact Ron Crampton at or call 203-421-7051 to verify your membership. 

What is a cohort group?

We assign each Institute registrant to a small group based on some common characteristics that will emphasize the importance of contacts, collegiality and community of peers.  Your group will meet several times throughout the Institute and we will continue to support these groups throughout the year with ongoing web-based meetings designed to keep the conversation going.

What is an affinity group?

Not only are there many different types of private and independent schools, there are many different types of professionals in our network. With this in mind, we will setup specific times for you to connect with other like-minded colleagues during our virtual event. Be on the lookout for additional details on how to join this online community.