Virtual Institute 2020

Monday, July 20
Inclusion is a Practice, and We Are All Players

DeEtta Jones
Founder and Principal
DeEtta Jones and Associates     

Diversity and Inclusion are top values in all educational settings. We want our students and their families to feel and be welcome. We want them to have full access to resources and support that allows them to thrive. But how do we get there? Despite our deep commitment and high degree of caring for students and families, many people struggle to figure out what role they can play. What can you do, in your daily work, to make a positive impact on student and family experiences? How can you, individually and within your local teams, affect change that will advance your school's diversity and inclusion goals? 

This session will provide information on contemporary issues of equity, diversity and inclusion, including roles that can be played by each and every one of us. Examples will be shared, and more importantly, participants will be guided through thinking about some of your own practices with an equity lens. Participants will leave this session with language, specific strategies to explore, and resources that can be brought for local implementation. 

DeEtta is a go-to strategist on equity, diversity, inclusion and workplace transformation. She is the confidante to C-Suite executives and early career professionals alike. She develops practical tools to build managerial effectiveness as well as transformative strategies for making structural and sustainable organizational change. She brings research-based rigor and knowledge of best contemporary best practices to her clients. She presents to tens of thousands people annually, worked with hundreds of organizations across many industries, and around the world. 

Wednesday, July 22
Personal and Professional Development: Charting Your Own Leadership Course


Cyndee Lake
Chief Purpose Officer and Co-Founder
Blank Page, LLC                                           


Michael Larson
Content Strategist and Senior Facilitator
Blank Page, LLC 




Structuring what you know about yourself, what you don’t know, what it means, and where you want to invest is foundational to creating a development strategy you believe in and can take action on daily. Our goal is for you to leave this session with a draft strategy that is personal to you, relevant to where you are in your career, and highly actionable.

Simply put, development drives performance. It is the key lever for us to move our careers forward. Because our professional goals and circumstances are different, our development strategies must be as well. This collaborative working session will provide an opportunity for you to begin to design of a professional development plan that you own and can take action on after the institute.

Cyndee Lake is Chief Purpose Officer and Co-Founder of Blank Page, a people-focused design and strategy practice in Austin, Texas and holds a Master of Arts in the Human Dimensions of Organizations from the University of Texas. Blank Page designs innovative and immersive experiences that unlock untapped potential in individuals, teams and organizations. Cyndee brings 30+ years of leadership and business success in a variety of industries. She has a proven track record of strategic thinking, sustainable change leadership, service and product design, business process improvement, project execution, cultural transformation and building high performing teams. 

Michael Larson is a Content Strategist and Senior Facilitator with Blank Page, a people-focused design and strategy firm in Austin, Texas and holds a Master of Arts in the Human Dimensions of Organizations from the University of Texas. Michael spent 14 years in independent school before joining Blank Page. Throughout his journey, he has worked with boards, executive teams, and operational groups to facilitate people-centered systems that think strategically, make decisions with compassion and clarity and continuously self-evaluate to respond to changes.