NAID-Canada 2012

Data destruction policies and training are required by law and this program makes it easy.

Every organization is responsible for protecting employee and customer information. Canadian data protection laws require organizations to have written policies and training for employees to prevent unauthorized access to personal information. In fact, data protection authorities invariably cite the lack of such policies and training as the primary cause of data breaches.

Among the handful of areas of data protection where such polices and training are required, information disposal is the often the most overlooked and confusing. Unfortunately, it is also one of the areas of data protection where many organizations find themselves in trouble with regulators and in the headlines.

The problem is most organizations don’t know where to start.

In this session, one of the world’s foremost authorities on proper data destruction and employee compliance will walk attendees through policy and training tools that make the process simple and fast. Better yet, these tools are included with the registration fee. In the short time it takes to become familiar with how to use them, attendees will be well on their way to compliance and better protection.

And, with proper policies and training in place, security dramatically improves and regulators are far less likely to find an organization negligent in the event something unfortunate does happen.

"A huge training effort has to happen in our province," said Gary Dickson, Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner. "We’re certainly making some headway, but we simply have too many organizations in Saskatchewan that aren’t doing an appropriate job in protecting personal information.”

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The Privacy Act (Saskatchewan)