NAID-Canada 2012
Attendees of these workshops will receive the following materials:
NAID Information Destruction Policy Compliance Toolkit (CTK)
Provided in both hard copy and electronic versions, the NAID CTK provides background information and templates for developing compliant information destruction policy for all types of media and formats in any organizational environment. Through a process of selection and elimination of available options, policy developers will use the NAID CTK to craft policies and procedures that uniquely meet their organization’s requirements and fulfill all their regulatory responsibilities. Included among the template are over 8 different types of form templates, from certificates of destruction to contractor audit and employee training acknowledgements.
NAID-Canada Employee Training Program
Every data protection regulation in the world requires employee training. In virtually every incident of improper data disposal investigated, improper employee training and lack of clear procedures was cited as the cause. This NAID-Canada Employee Training Program provides a simple turnkey format that can be used by any organization to meet its information destruction training requirements. The program includes a 14-minute video explaining why compliance to information destruction procedures is critical to the organization, as well as the employee. Combined with the proper orientation and the requisite employee acknowledgements, the program is unequaled in simplicity and depth.

Certificate of Achievement
Upon completion of the workshop, attendees will be awarded the Secure Data Zone® Certificate of Achievement to acknowledge their dedication and commitment to proper information destruction and regulatory compliance. The Secure Data Zone insignia is used by NAID around the world to recognize such dedication and is quickly becoming the most recognized demonstration of awareness in the data destruction arena.