2013 INS Annual Convention & Industrial Exhibition
Continuing Education
INS’ educational programs are designed specifically for the specialty practice of infusion therapy. The INS Annual Convention & Industrial Exhibition consists of presentations that address the nine core areas of infusion therapy: Antineoplastic/Biologic Therapy, Fluid & Electrolyte Balance, Infection Prevention, Parenteral Nutrition, Pediatrics, Pharmacology, Quality Improvement, Technology & Clinical Applications, and Transfusion Therapy.
Overall Program Goal
The overall program goal is to provide programs that educate and inspire infusion nurses and allied health care professionals to achieve excellence in the administration and care of the patient receiving infusion therapy.

Overall Program Objectives
After attending this continuing nursing education program, attendees should be able to:
1. Identify technologies that contribute to best infusion practice and improve patient care.
2. Discuss advances throughout the nine core areas of infusion nursing practice.

Target Audience
The continuing nursing education programs are directed toward all health care professionals including CRNI®s, infusion nurses, clinicians, pharmacists, nurses practicing in all care settings, and nurses practicing in the specialty areas of pediatrics, geriatrics, infection prevention, oncology, and management.