ACEM Winter Symposium

The Organising Committee is pleased to invite submissions of abstracts to be presented at the 2015 ACEM Winter Symposium. Presentations may either be submitted as an oral presentation or as a poster.

Please read the below submission guidelines BEFORE you begin the abstract submission process.


  • Monday, 25 May 2015: Authors notified of results (i.e. oral or poster) and must register and pay to attend the conference (presenting authors will be offered the early bird rate)
  • Sunday, 7 Jun 2015: Presenting author registration deadline
  • Monday, 14 Jun 2015: Presenting authors notified of session information

Please note the following instructions when submitting abstracts:

  • Abstract content is measured in character count inclusive of all symbols, characters, punctuation etc. 
  • Abstract titles must have a minimum of 10 characters and a maximum of 500 characters 
  • Abstract content must have a minimum of 1000 characters and a maximum of 2700 characters (approximately 250 words) 
  • Submitters must adhere to the following mandatory abstract components: 
    • Background
    • Objectives
    • Method
    • Results
    • Conclusion
  • Submitters are permitted to include tables in their abstract content. A maximum of 2 tables allowed per component with an individual maximum of 10 columns and 10 rows per table 
  • Submitters are asked to included references in their submission 
  • Submitters are permitted a maximum of 6 presenting authors and are asked to include a presenter biography with a maximum of 500 characters each 

Please note the following instructions when formatting abstracts;

  • Title: in initial capital/lower case, not all capitals 
  • Authors: surname-last format and in initial capital/lower case, not all capitals. Institution affiliations should be indicated with subscript numbers following the author name 
  • Affiliation: institution, city and country 
  • Abstract text: limit of 250 words 
  • References: optional 
  • First author and subsequent authors, affiliations: identification of the presenter, whether a FACEM, trainee or other 
  • Your abstract must be submitted in the correct format and by the deadline otherwise it will be automatically rejected 

Trainee Research Requirement

Trainees who choose to complete the Trainee Research Requirement by presenting a paper, either orally or by way of poster, are required to submit two separate applications:

1. Submit an abstract to the conference via the conference abstract submission process (outlined above); and
2. An application to the College on the appropriate form found on the College website (

Note: the cut-off date for the conference abstract may be different from the College cut-off date.