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The digital future of healthcare

Time: Monday, May 11, 16:00 - 17:00 & Wednesday, May 13,10:00 - 11:00

Digital developments across different industries are influencing consumers in how they engage with healthcare providers and payers. Medical equipment and advances in bioinformatics are providing health care professionals with new sources of insight and the ability to collaborate. This session will showcase the opportunities in Digital Health by use of apps and tools developed by Avanade.

David Champeaux


David Champeaux,
Healthcare Strategy Lead,
Accenture UK and Ireland

Accenture Industry Program Session

Physician Authority —The Key to Digital Healthcare Transformation

Beyond buy-in: how to ensure clinician ownership of digital-enabled change

Time: May 12, 13:15-14:15

While much has (rightly) been made of patient-centric healthcare, physicians remain at the epicenter of the system. Whether interacting with patients, or adopting digital healthcare systems and processes, there can be no digital transformation without physician buy-in.

Join this Industry Program Session with Accenture Health Industry Executive David Champeaux to explore clinicians’ status as customers and consumers in their own right. The session will include insights from the latest Accenture Doctors Survey, detailing current physician perceptions of EMRs and the extent to which they have embraced new digital patient engagement technologies and telemedicine, with some real life examples.

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Teemu Äijälä and Riz Haque

Service Design Workshop (Fjord)

Designing for the Delivery of Healthcare

Approaches to improve the quality of care through design and innovation

Time: May 12, 10:30-11:30

Presenters: Teemu Äijälä Service Design Director @Fjord
Riz Haque, Director Business Development @Fjord, Finland

How patients and carers have leveraged digital technologies to interact and collaborate with each other and manage their actions has been largely spotty and transactional if at all. The rapid evolution of technology and advances in service design enable more natural interactions and digital-enabled workflows. It is a shift from commands to conversations.

Digital technologies hold great promise for innovation in health and social care delivery models. But to succeed, digital solutions need to be explicitly designed into patients and carers’ workflows and lives, as opposed to engineered and deployed on top of workflows.

Join Teemu Äijälä and Riz Haque from Fjord for an interactive session on how design and digital solutions can lead to healthcare delivery transformation.

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Kaveh T. Safavi


Kaveh T. Safavi
Global Managing Director,
Accenture Health,

Digital Disruption Workshop

How Digital Technologies Can Radically Lower Healthcare Costs and Raise its Benefits.

Time: May 12, 15:30-16:30

Digital technology holds promise to radically impact the cost of care by making healthcare more productive, not just more efficient.

Technology can be used to improve the way care is delivered by moving work to patients, other workers or even to machines.

These same solutions also hold the promise of giving patients more control, personalization and transparency.

That means reducing the cost of care while increasing its benefits at the same time.

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Integration Workshop

Tips for Managing a Healthy Healthcare IT Ecosystem

Is the complexity of integration preventing you from incorporating innovative solutions into your core health systems?

Presenters: Thomas Smedsrud, Alessandro Campana and Craig Oates

Thomas SmedsrudAlessandro CampanaCraig Oates

Time: May 12, 12:00-13:00

You’ve seen amazing functionality from a host of niche providers at the latest Healthcare IT conference you attended. You’d love to implement a few gems into your overall healthcare system to deliver benefits to your citizens, but the complexity of integrating a small niche system with your core EMR system creates more headaches than it cures.

Join Accenture’s Thomas Smedsrud, Alessandro Campana and Craig Oates for insights into the “how?” of combining your large healthcare applications with niche, innovative solutions.

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Accenture Delivery Center Visit.

Time: May 13, 13:00-15:00

The Accenture Riga delivery center is delivering services at the intersection of business and technology, providing direct access to more than 600 experts, deep industry knowledge, industrialized breadth of capabilities, certifications and more, at competitive cost.

Hear about some great work examples, and applications relevant for healthcare organizations.

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