eHealth Week 2015 Presentations
Presenter Presentation Title
Ain Aaviksoo Transforming health system with IT - pdf 1 mb
Albert diFelice Data- Helping Address Healthcare Challenges from a Cross-Sectorial Perspective - pdf 700kb
Alessandro Monaco EIP AHA TRACK - The Power of partnership, meet the AG-A1: Adherence to Medical Plans - pdf 800 kb
Alessandro Monaco Improving prescriptions and Tackling poor adherence to medical plans: the ACTION Group A1 - pdf 27 mb
Ana Carriazo EIP AHA Action Group A3 Prevention of Frailty & Functional Decline - pdf 900 kb
Ana Carriazo Lessons learned from PALANTE_Empowering patients through eHealth services - pdf 1mb
Andrea Pavlickova EIP-AHA B3 Toolkit to support scaling up in Europe - pdf 900 kb
Andreas Raptopoulos An integrated care approach for empowering COPD patients with comorbidities - pdf 800 kb
Andrejs Strods Growth vitamins of Latvian health IT - pdf 500 kb
Andrew Fowlie Service Provider's Letter to Santa - pdf 600 kb
Anil Sinaci SALUS- Enabling the Secondary Use of EHRs for Post Market Safety Studies - pdf 600 kb
Anne Kallio eHealth supporting Citizens and Healthcare Services - pdf 700 kb
Anne-Sophie Parent EIP-AHA D4 Action Group on age-friendly environments - pdf 500 kb
Antonio Kung Action Group (C2) on Independent Living Systems - pdf 500 kb
Antonio Kung EIP-AHA: Actions towards Governance of Interoperable Specifications - pdf 1 mb
Antti Iivanainen APOTTI-Programme Organizational strategy - pdf 700 kb
Benny Eklund Experience from Sweden during the SUSTAINS project - pdf 450 kb
Bleddyn Rees Alliance contracting for health and social care - pdf 500 kb
Brecht Claerhout EHR4CR Deploying Innovative Clinical Trial Services - pdf 1 mb
Brendan Delaney Creating and applying knowledge in electronic health record systems - pdf 1.8 mb
Brian O'Connor ECH Alliance Network - pdf 900 kb
Bruno de Oliveira Alves and Loukianos Gatzoulis
An Update on the EIP Active and Healthy Ageing - pdf 900 kb
Bryan Griffiths North West Coast AHSN Ecosystem - pdf 600 kb
Bryan Griffiths _Stop and Go_ (an EU project) - the principles of rolling out sustainable procurement solutions for Telehealth products - pdf 800 kb
Catherine Chronaki Trillium Bridge and Beyond: State of Play and Future Prospects - pdf 2.5 mb
Christina Papanikolaou Milestones of the Greek Ecosystem and the Thematic Network - pdf 500 kb
Christos Schizas eHealth for the Citizen for Better Privacy and Data Protection -pdf 1.6 mb
Claudia Stein Transcending Borders Through Health - me and my health - pdf 1.8 mb
Clayton Hamilton Sustainable funding for eHealth - Techniques for doing more with less! - pdf 700 kb
Dace Klusa Innovative way of processing mission critical services in Latvian ambulance service - pdf 1.4 mb
Dai Davis Privacy and Data Protection in Healthcare- The Legal Constraints - pdf 500 kb
David Champeaux Physician Leadership —The Key to Digital Healthcare Transformation - pdf 600 kb
Dipak Kalra The European institute for innovation through health data - pdf 600 kb
Domingos Pereira Building a Hospital Information System Architecture - pdf 600 kb
Donna Henderson EIP-AHA Action Group B3 onIntegrated Care - 800 kb
Elie Lobel A secured exchange infrastructure for healthcare professionals in France - pdf 750 kb
Este Geraghty Global Markets: Tools for Transatlantic Trade - pdf 1.4 mb
Florian Visser (The lack of) interoperability in practice - pdf 500 kb
Francesca Avolio Maturity Model for scaling up (Self-assessment exercise from Puglia Region) - pdf 1.2 mb
George Crooks EIP-AHA Action Group B3 on Integrated Care - pdf 3.8 mb
Gottfried Zimmerman EIP-AHA: Actions towards governance of interoperable specifications - pdf 700 kb
Hanna Pohjonen Vendor Neutral Archiving as an Enabler for eHealth - pdf 400 kb
Horst Merkle EIP-AHA: Actions towards governance of Interoperable Specifications - pdf 900 kb
Ileana Welte Preparing for US Market Entry - pdf 1 mb
Jamie Ferguson Perspectives on Health Information Technology - pdf 2 mb
Jan Petersen Reuse of Data from the Patients Own Home - pdf 800 kb
Jesús Redrado EMRAM Stage 6, A corporate development decision of a private university hospital - pdf 1 mb
Juan Luis Cruz Is it worth it trying to get to Stage 7? - pdf 1.3 mb
Joan Cornet Transforming Healthcare with mHealth Solutions - pdf 1.5 mb
John Farrell EIP - Active & Healthy Ageing - The Role of Reference Sites and the Reference Site Collaborative Network - pdf 500 kb
John Fellows Horizon scanning for future healthcare it skills and competencies in Europe - pdf 800 kb
Johnie Berntsson Health Information Exchange Transition to a single medical record - pdf 700kb
John Halamka Cost Effectiveness of the Deployment/implementation of eHealth/Health IT - pdf 1.5 mb
Jorge Gonzalez 2015 EU SME eHealth Leadership Award Recipients - pdf 2.9 mb
Jose Costa-Raquena PRECIOUS project - pdf 700 kb
Dr. Jose Miguel Selman HIMSS 6 Clinica las Condes Experience - pdf 3 mb
Karima Bourquard EIP-AHA: Actions towards Governance of Interoperable Specifications - pdf 800 kb
Katrina Perehudoff Patient access to the electronic health record - pdf 700 kb
Kim Tuminaro Investing in the United States - pdf 1 mb
Külle Tärnov Health domain is opening up - pdf 600 kb
Lars T. Berger INCA Sustainability - pdf 700 kb
Leonard Witkamp KSYOS Teledermatology - pdf 1.6 mb
Ieva Vitola eHealth in University Hospital - pdf 700 kb
Liga Kozlovska How to improve the communication between a family doctor and a patient? - pdf 400 kb
Liga Letina Focus on user and all else will follow - pdf 1.2 mb
Manuel Vallina Castilla y León: A Region making IT decisions. EMRAM as a cohesion model - pdf 800 kb
Marieke van Beurden Circles of care: Innovative collaboration by use of health - pdf 900 kb
Marija Abeltina on-line tool for suicide prevention - pdf 800 kb
Marinka de Jong-Fintelman Patient participation and Personal Health Records - pdf 800 kb
Maritta Korhonen National eHealth Architecture - From Strategy to Practice - pdf 760 kb
Maritta Perälä-Heape Digital Health Revolution - pdf 950 kb
Mark de Graaf Games for Health - pdf 2.3 mb
Mark Roche Health Information Exchange Perspectives - pdf 3 mb
Martins Smilga eHealth Central Solutions of Latvia - pdf 600 kb
Mary Cleary Building on the EU US Roadmap - pdf 900 kb
Matthew Hein US Perspectives on Adsvancing Transatlantic Innovation through eHealth - pdf 1.2 mb
Mattias Tralla Cardiac Rehab Reimagined - pdf 100 kb
Miguel Alborg INCA Pro-Active and Co-ordinated Socio-Sanitary Management - pdf 1 mb
Min Huei (Marc) Hsu Building a National Electronic Exchange System, Experiences in Taiwan - pdf 1.5 mb
Multiple Interoperability in Action: Information + Integration = Innovation?
Nick Guldemond The Power of Partnerships - Dutch eco-systems - pdf 1 mb
Nick Guldemond Action Group A2 on Falls Prevention - pdf 3.5 mb
Nils Kolstrup To Santa from a Humble GP - pdf 400 kb
Päivi Sillanaukee National Finnish eHealth and eSocial Strategy 2020 - pdf 700 kb
Pascal Coorevits The importance of certifying platforms, services and tools used for clinical research - pdf 1 mb
Peter Edelstein, The U.S. Healthcare Revolution - pdf 2.3 mb
Philipp Neurohr The Styrian Personal eXray-Record - pdf 900 kb
Pieter Van de Graaf Are regions ready for scaling-up integrated care? - pdf 900 kb
R.E. (Erwin) Eisinger Funding innovation in The Netherlands - pdf 900 kb
Blake & Kay
A Digital Solution to the EU/US Skilled eHealth/Health IT Worker Shortage, HITCOMP Tool & Repository - pdf 800 kb
Rafael Sotoca Manises Hospital Pilot - pdf 1 mb
Raul Martins Born in the Digital Age - pdf 1.2 mb
Raul Mill Estonian National Health Information System - pdf 1.5 mb
Reiner Wichert EIP-AHA: Actions towards Governance of Interoperable Specifications - pdf 800 kb
Richard Corbridge The Power of Partnership - pdf 800 kb
Sabina Krøigaard Global Markets: Tools for Transatlantic Trade - pdf 500 kb
Salvador Vera MySphera - pdf 500 kb
Sandy J. Falk, Beyond Alerts - pdf 1.1 mb
Signe Baltina Transcending Borders, Rethinking eGovernment - pdf 500 kb
Stein Olav Skrøvseth Using the data we have - pdf 850 kb
Stephen Lieber 2015 EMRAM Hospital Award Recipients - pdf 2.3 mb
Stephen Lieber 2015 eHealth Leadership Award Recipient - pdf 100 kb
Tapani Piha The EU eHealth Strategy Connecting Member States - pdf 850 kb
Vicent Moncho Mas HIMSS Stage 7 is the first step - pdf 600 kb
Vita Vitola INCA Project Ventspils Municipality - pdf 800 kb
Walter Atzori Redefining empowerment from a patient perspective - pdf 900 kb
Zdenek Gutter Maturity model for scaling-up – Experience of Olomouc Region – Czech Republic - pdf 500 kb