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Now celebrating its sixth year, the Digital Book World Conference + Expo is the preeminent conference on digital content and digital publishing strategies. In 2014 it brought together over 1,500 media, publishing and technology professionals from around the world focused on developing, building and transforming their organizations to compete in the constantly evolving digital media ecosystem.


The Digital Book World Conference + Expo program is focused specifically on the challenges and opportunities facing publishers and content providers of all sizes and business models, with key emphasis on the digital transformation. TAKEAWAYS: You’ll learn:

  • How to operate a publishing business in a digital-first, global content market.
  • How to market and distribute to readers who are discovering content online, from metadata to social media to the latest success stories in content marketing.
  • How to acquire and develop new staff and new skills to capitalize on new digital marketplaces.
  • How to engage with and manage new and established internet retailers.
  • How to implement and use new technologies that are being created specifically for digital content providers.
  • How to collect, manage and mine data to improve sales.
  • How to manage author relationships for maximum “win-win”

In short, you will learn everything there is to learn to be successful in today’s digital publishing business environment.


Speakers at the Digital Book World Conference & Expo are the leading influencers in digital media: CEOs and C-level executives responsible for developing their organizations’ digital strategies, innovators who are bringing new ideas and new technologies to market, path-making authors, agents, marketers, and editors. Leaders share best practices and frank insights into their personal experiences—both what has worked and what hasn’t—so that you can avoid pitfalls and make wise strategic decisions.

DBW is committed to providing the most timely and topical program as possible. Speakers are added to the conference agenda periodically, right up until the conference itself, as developments in the marketplace warrant.


There is nothing more powerful than the Digital Book World network. It represents a cross-section of the content industry’s elite, from presidents, CEOs, editors, marketers and publicists of large and small houses, newspapers, magazines and digital-only media firms, to agents, authors, booksellers, librarians and technologists. Join these professionals and make contacts that will help drive your business forward.


Growth and opportunity are everywhere in the media industry. Let Digital Book World and its family of products help you identify those opportunities, expose you to the best practices available to capitalize on them, and be your guide to digital publishing success.

The Digital Book World Conference + Expo is a must-attend for anyone in the publishing and media business. The world of content creation is changing, the world of content consumption is changing and the world of publishing is changing. To remain relevant and successful, you’ve got to adapt your business practices. Let Digital Book World show you how.


Digital Book World is the world’s leading source of news, analysis, and education on digital publishing and media in all its forms.

It is a fast-growing online community of digital media professionals and a producer of the market-leading live event Digital Book World Conference + Expo, the Digital Book Awards, ebook bestsellers list as well as online education via webcasts and downloadable digital publishing resources.

Digital Book World puts you in the same room with presidents, CEOs, editors, marketers and publicists of large and small houses, newspapers, magazines and digital-only media firms as well as agents, authors, booksellers, librarians and technologists—providing insight, actionable content and networking opportunities to help facilitate the transformation and growth of your businesses.


The Digital Book World 2015 Conference Council is comprised of veteran publishing experts led by Conference Chair Mike Shatzkin. Together they ensure that Digital Book World’s programming provides concrete benefits and solutions to the most pressing challenges in publishing and media today.


Established by Publishers Lunch and’s Michael Cader and leading industry consultant Mike Shatzkin, book publishing veterans well known for explaining, analyzing and chronicling digital change in the industry, Publishers Launch, working in conjunction with Digital Book World and other well-established publishing events and professional organizations, helps publishing professionals worldwide navigate the digital transition and seize its opportunities.


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