Information Development World 2014


SDL enables global businesses to engage with their customers in the language, on the media and at the moment they choose. SDL is recognized as a leader in content management technologies that enable organizations to deliver a consistent, interactive and more personal customer experience on any device, in any language, at any time. Throughout a customer’s journey - from the first engagement, through post-sales service, to product or company advocacy - SDL’s content management technologies enable companies to efficiently manage the consumer expectations of a consistent and localized multi-channel brand experience. Global industry leaders who rely on SDL include ABN-Amro, Dell, FICO, Intel, KLM, Lexis-Nexis, Microsoft, McAfee, NetApp, Quest, Scania, Thomas Cook and Unilever. SDL has over 1,500 enterprise customers, 400 partners and a global infrastructure of 70 offices in 38 countries.


Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information. Adobe’s award-winning software and technologies have set the standard for communication and collaboration for more than 25 years, bringing vital and engaging experiences to people across media and to every screen in their lives, at work and at play. The impact of Adobe software is evident almost everywhere you look. Whether people are collaborating at work, transacting online, or socializing with friends, businesses use Adobe software and technologies to turn digital interactions into richer, high-value experiences that reach across computing platforms and devices to engage people anywhere, anytime. With a reputation for excellence and a portfolio of many of the most respected and recognizable software brands, Adobe is one of the world's largest and most diversified software companies. All Adobe tech comm software offer unparalleled stability, innovation, and business value that technical communicators can confidently put their trust in.
Adobe’s Technical Communication group within the Print and Publishing Business Unit delivers tools and services that are aimed at facilitating the end -to-end process of creating ground-breaking content, deploying it seamlessly across media and devices, and achieving greater business success.
Adobe's heritage is founded in digital content authoring and publishing. Adobe built the category and remains the gold standard. Our award-winning and market-leading software and technologies have set the standard for communication and collaboration for more than 25 years, and continue to shape the industry today.

Author-it Software Corporation (ASC) is changing the way the world works with complex business documentation. ASC was founded in 1996 and, with the release of Author-it Cloud, it has become the world’s first end-to-end Enterprise Authoring Platform on the Cloud. While other solutions such as financial applications, supply chain management, PLM and ERP have evolved into database driven enterprise applications, Documentation has languished in the stone-age still essentially replicating the typewriter. This has caused in a myriad of content issues across the world’s enterprises that result in 20 hours of lost productivity per week for every information worker.

Author-it solves these problems by centralizing the content creation process, writing in components, and storing the pure content in a database. This innovation drives content reuse. It supports assembling and generating this content into multiple documents, and allows real-time collaboration in authoring and conducting document reviews. Author-it clients report a doubling of author productivity, experience faster document release cycles, and a large reduction in the cost of translating content for global markets. 

Author-it can be used to improve efficiency in many industries and documentation applications including; product manuals and user assistance, training and eLearning, compliance documentation, operations manuals, customer support portals, and sales proposals/RFPs.

Every day thousands of thought leaders are actively sharing their insights, their ideas and their most up-to-date knowledge with professionals all over the globe through the BrightTALK platform. BrightTALK is the only video and webinar solution built for marketers. Our innovative technology enables content creators to stay focused on what matters, creating content that drives businesses forward. Publish videos and webinars easily, distribute them to your audience effectively and measure the impact of your content through BrightTALK.


Acrolinx technology helps the world's best companies speak with one voice - with content that's more findable, readable, and engaging. Our content optimization capabilities help companies like Adobe, Dell, Cisco, IBM, Philips, and Siemens align, enhance, and enrich their marketing and technical information. Built on a powerful linguistic analytics engine, we help our customers stand apart from their competitors by delivering content with greater warmth, readability, and conciseness.

Antidot is a software vendor focused in search engines and information enhancement. Dedicated to topic-based documentation publishing, Fluid Topics, our solution, makes use of topics in their native DITA format in order to leverage the consistency and richness of their structure: by combining semantic technologies for content modeling and enrichment, advanced Web 2.0 interfaces and social features Fluid Topics changes the way users access, read and value the documentation. It includes semantic search for fast and contextual access with facets for variants, dynamic reading interface, content filtering based on reader profile, collaborative features (bookmarks, tags, comments, saved queries, alerts on topic changes), ability for users to create custom documentation in a few clicks by assembling topics in documents tailored for solving operational needs, full content reuse capability, and feedback to writers.Since 1999, Antidot has helped about 200 clients in the areas of publishing, e-commerce, healthcare, corporate portals and intranets.

Astoria Software is the world's most successful enterprise solution for XML Component Content Management and the first to deliver both an Enterprise wide SaaS/On-Demand and an On-Premises approach to structured content management. Cisco Systems, Teradata, ITT Fluid Technology, Siemens Healthcare, Northrop Grumman, Citrix, LexisNexis and other Forbes Global 2000 manufacturers rely on Astoria to meet increasingly competitive demands for product documentation--high volume, accelerated time-to-market, and globalized output. 

Astoria Component Content Management reduces documentation costs up to 90 percent, compresses product launch times from months to weeks, and generates productivity and management benefits with its flexible delivery model. Astoria Software, a division of TransPerfect, Inc., is based in San Francisco. For more information, visit

IXIASOFT is a leading provider of XML content management software to organizations worldwide. IXIASOFT offers the DITA CMS, a component content management solution designed specifically to author, manage, review, localize and publish DITA-based technical documentation. The DITA CMS solution is based on TEXTML Server, a native XML database also developed by IXIASOFT. Leading organizations such as Altera, AMD, ARM, BlackBerry, Infineon, SAP, SolidWorks, and Varian use the DITA CMS to manage their documentation process.

Oberon Technologies partners with leading XML-based software suppliers to provide complete, end-to-end publishing solutions. With over 200 cumulative years’ experience designing, developing and deploying automated publishing and delivery solutions, Oberon Technologies expertise has helped hundreds of companies improve their publishing processes resulting in significant time and cost savings, improved quality and increased revenue. Oberon Technologies’ services include strategic planning, content analysis, process analysis and re-engineering, system analysis and integration, authoring and publishing solutions, content management solutions, content delivery solutions, and custom solution development. Oberon Technologies’ experience, unique skill set and development methodologies enable us to architect and implement solutions that lead to substantial returns on the investment.

oXygen XML editor is the best XML editor available, with a large number of users ranging from non-technical to XML experts offering both XML development and XML authoring. The XML authoring support is available on multiple platforms, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, etc. in different forms — as a desktop application, as an Eclipse plugin, as a Java component working inside a custom Java application or working within a browser as an Applet, or as a Web application running on a server and providing a HTML5+Javascript interface, thus making XML accessible from mobile devices, smart phones and tablets.

oXygen offers ready-to-use DITA support including visual editing, DITA-OT integration, DITA maps manager and much more. Its change tracking and annotation support, coupled with the possibility to create simplified user interfaces and its availability across platforms make it an ideal tool for capturing content from SMEs or for reviewing DITA documents (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris) and can be used either standalone or as an Eclipse plugin.

Since 1998, STAR Group has developed and applied the principles of semantic markup and semantic information management. STAR Group has extensive knowledge and experience in designing and applying semantic information models and has successfully implemented fully-functional and fully-integrated systems at dozens of customer locations representing a variety of industries including pharmaceutical and healthcare. GRIPS, STAR’s feature-rich and powerful information management and multi-lingual, multi-channel publication solution organizes and manages information in 100% semantically structured information models. The GRIPS solution is available “off the shelf.”

Transfluent is the ultimate high-tech solution for human powered language translations in social media, web, and apps. We do what traditional translation companies cannot – fast, dynamic, and yet, high quality. Imagine typing a Tweet in English and having it appear in fluent Chinese a few minutes later in Weibo, the leading Chinese social media site. Or responding to an email from a foreign client in a their language. This is no longer just a dream. Transfluent makes it possible to post in English and have the contents professionally translated into practically any language in nearly real time. Transfluent is integrated to services such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Weibo, Magento, Zendesk and Unity. And if this is not enough, our API makes it possible to embed professional translation to any platform out there.


121 Captions creates captioning in real time, serving 360 million deaf people worldwide. A British company with offices around the world, we provide accurate live captions for your meetings, conferences, phone calls, lectures, lessons and more. We work internationally in 16 languages. Captions appear on your personal laptop or other mobile device, Google Glass, or alongside your video, webcast or television program. Captions aren’t just for deaf people. They can also be useful for non-native speakers who find reading easier than following speech and for those who may find listening to a ‘deaf voice’ difficult.

is a cloud-based video content management system that helps businesses with the creation, management and distribution of Simple Video content. Creating consistent video and leveraging it across your organization doesn’t have to be expensive or require extensive training. With our online platform and accompanying apps, your organization can efficiently create branded video content, manage it from a central location and distribute with real-time analytics that supports sales prospecting & lead nurturing. Whether you’re using video to communicate with your internal team, prospects or to engage with your audience, we have a solution to empower your business with video.

Content Insight, creator of CAT, the Content Analysis Tool, brings together technology and content strategy to create tools to support and power human insights. The Content Analysis Tool is a fully-supported, cloud-based, software-as-a-service tool that creates and manages comprehensive content inventories via a user-friendly interface. CAT is designed for content strategists, user experience architects and content managers. It enables those who create and update content inventories, analyze page data, perform content audits, manage sites, or supervise content migrations to save hours of time typically spent on manually documenting site structure and page data and tracking ongoing changes throughout a project. Content professionals can now spend less time wrangling data and more time on analyzing, strategizing, and other high-value tasks. Content Insight was co-founded by content strategist Paula Land.

Content Rules provides consulting guidance and professional services to companies across the entire content lifecycle. Our clients range from new technology startups to Fortune 100 companies in the high-tech, life sciences, medical device and manufacturing sectors. Our content development services include technical documentation, marketing collateral, and training development. We provide services using our large network of technically-astute consultants located in Silicon Valley and throughout the U.S.  Our consulting practice specializes in content strategy, structured authoring, new publishing technologies and global readiness. Content Rules is a preferred implementation and services partner of Acrolinx, the leading content optimization software for the enterprise. We are the only authorized implementation partner for The Rockley Strategic Method™ from renowned content strategist Ann Rockley.

InboundWriter develops cloud-based software that removes guesswork and inefficiencies from online content creation. Leveraging web-based data and predictive analytics models, the InboundWriter application can forecast the performance of online content before it is written, offering breakthrough advancements in efficiency and results. The company works with leading enterprises, digital publishers and agencies, with a typical customer experiencing a multi-fold improvement in web traffic and related metrics. For more information, visit, read the blog or follow us on Twitter and Facebook. 

LOGOS subject matter experts have exceptional industry knowledge. They serve as a valuable resource through the entire process of bringing your products, brands, technologies and services to the global market and take crucial a role in establishing effective quality assurance measures. Logos project and account management teams are the engine room providing the clarity in direction, bringing diverse activities within a unified process and delivering the right results, supported by best practices for planning, execution and performance.

Scriptorium Publishing offers expert advice on how to develop, deploy, and manage information. We provide content strategy analysis and implementation services to transform your documentation into business assets. We do not resell software, and we are not evangelists for any particular tool or technology. Our typical customer is struggling to maintain thousands of pages of information, which need to be delivered in print, PDF, HTML, and other media, often in dozens of languages. Our mission is to understand your requirements, develop a content strategy, and implement a solution that works for you.

Secret Sushi Creative is a passionate team of creative chefs who are dedicated to helping your business grow. In today's digitally driven world, a dash of design, social media marketing & technology are each essential ingredients used to attract and engage customers. When skillfully combined these ingredients have a profound impact on your success. We help you choose just the right ingredients for your business, attracting hungry new customers and reminding current customers to come back for more.

Xyleme™ was built around the idea of revolutionizing the way people publish and consume learning content. From this principle, Xyleme’s learning suite (Xyleme LCMS, Bravais® and Pastiche®) has been developed to enable the creation, management, and personalized delivery of education and training content. Our solutions are powered by the 100% XML-based Xyleme LCMS (learning content management system) and provide the industry’s most efficient content development platform for the rapid reuse of content across all types of web, print, tablet, and smartphone outputs.

Agile Development is at the core of Xyleme’s product development processes. This collaborative and iterative framework enables the release of new Xyleme LCMS, Pastiche, and Bravais versions every three months, which is far quicker than the industry standard of 12–18 months. At the forefront of innovation, Xyleme’s open XML platform allows organizations to keep pace with rapidly changing educational, training, and—more important now than ever before—consumer requirements. The XML platform also allows for the rapid reuse of content across all types of web, print, tablet, and smartphone outputs. Finally, the open nature of XML means that your content is completely future proof, ready for today’s and tomorrow’s technologies.


MultiLingual Computing, Inc. is the leading source of information for the language industry and businesses with global communications needs. The magazine MultiLingual is distributed in print and digital format nine times a year (eight issues plus an annual resource directory/index) to readers in 87 countries. We cover topics ranging from technical internationalization to project management to language histories. We review new products and books and give you the latest news and opinions. The MultiLingual News e-newsletter keeps you up to date with all of the industry news. There’s no charge for this service. You can opt-in by following this link. Don’t worry, we do not reveal e-mail addresses to anyone! You can opt-out at any time.

We produce Localization World, a conference and dedicated to the language and localization industries, in partnership with The Localization Institute. International product and marketing managers from high-tech, automotive, medical, financial and other manufacturing and service industries come to Localization World to meet language service and technology providers and to network with their peers in other companies and industries. Information on past and future conferences can be found on the website.

TechWhirl is an online resource for anyone interested in the world of CXM, Content Management or Technical Communication. Experienced veterans, up-and-coming professionals, students, and leaders in the business can explore TechWhirl to find new, compelling, thought-provoking, and helpful information on creating and managing the information assets critical to every enterprise. 

From educational and research content to the latest news, features, and commentary, TechWhirl offers something for everyone who needs to know about technical communication and content management. We love this stuff and think that you should too so visit us at TechWhirl.Com or @techwritertoday.

XML Press was founded in 2008 to publish content that helps technical communicators be more effective. Our publications support managers, social media practitioners, content strategists, technical communicators, and engineers; anyone designing, engineering, developing, or delivering content.