Information Development World 2014

Wow! That was fun.

Our first Information Development World conference was a huge success. The event attracted over 370 information developers from more than a dozen nations around the globe. It was an amazing amalgamation of knowledgeable and experienced content creators, content architects, content strategists, content engineers, content managers, translators, localizers, and publishers of all stripes. Our goal was to break down the silos that exist between disciplines. And, that's just what we did. Marketers, technical writers, training, and support pros all worked together to learn how to create exceptional customer experiences with content. 

We're taking a short break, but we'll be back soon. Watch this space for links to slide decks, video interviews, recordings, and other content about the event. And, let us know what you thought about the event -- and what you think we should do as an encore.

What is Information Development World About?

Information Development World is the first—and only—conference dedicated to helping organizations create exceptional customer experiences centered around content. Our goal is to bring together the brightest minds in the content arena—content strategists, technical communicators, content marketers, product managers, customer assistance specialists, translators, localizers, taxonomists, and user experience professionals—to demystify the methods, standards, tools and technologies needed to deliver exceptional omni-channel customer experiences.

Meet Information Developers From These Brands And More

Why Customer Experience?

53% of customers surveyed say unclear communication ruins the customer experience. But, in companies where service excellence is king, there is evidence that customer-focused content helps drive increases in sales, customer loyalty, and profitability, while also reducing errors, rework, support and content development costs, and decreases an organizations'  need to compete on price. 

One way to differentiate your organization from the competition is to leverage content to create an exceptional customer experience. Some brands are better at it than others.

Gartner defines Customer Experience Management (CXM) as “the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.” They highlight the importance of customer experience in large, multi-national organizations (especially technology companies) saying “business cases that improve process efficiency and business cases around customer experience dominate wish lists."

55% of organizations, in fact, say that they are currently focusing on ways to enhance customer satisfaction by providing consistent, unified omni-channel content experiences. It is a strategy that, according to Gartner, requires process change and many technologies to accomplish.

Despite this desire to provide exceedingly pleasing and consistent experiences across all customer touch points—marketing, sales, customer service, technical support, and training—most companies have no idea where to start. Obstacles to success include, but are not limited to:
  • Poor governance
  • Outdated tools and technologies
  • Silos created by hierarchical organizational structures
  • Inefficient, ineffective, and outdated content production processes
  • A lack of knowledge and experience creating unified, customer-focused content strategies

Add to the mix the need for multilingual, omni-channel content delivery, localization, and the social revolution, and it’s easy to see where the problems lie.

What topics will be covered?

Information Development World will feature workshops, presentations, case studies, demonstrations, and panel discussions on topics necessary for all content professionals to understand in order to create exception customer experiences, including:
  • Content strategy
  • Content engineering
  • Content marketing
  • Translation and Localization
  • Digital publishing
  • Structured content
  • Technical communication
  • Analytics and measurements

In addition, the conference will also include:
  •  Special vendor-sponsored pre-conference educational events
  •  A selection of pre-conference, half- and full-day workshops
  •  The University of California, Berkeley Innovation Forum, and
  •  The Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) Summit

Pre-conference Workshops: Wednesday, October 22

For those who want to dive deeper, we’ve included a variety of full-day training workshops. They’re more detailed than a typical presentation and designed to cover topics that require some focus to begin to master. Advance registration required. Laptops not required, but suggested for some courses. Additional fee required to attend the workshops. Seating is limited.

The Conference: Thursday and Friday, October 23-24

Information Development World features knowledgeable and engaging speakers who will deliver two full days of presentations, case studies, and panel discussions. Software and services vendors will also be on hand to discuss the capabilities of their tools — and conduct product demonstrations — in our Technology Showcase.

The Technology Showcase: Tools and Technologies Exhibition

Information Development World will include two floors of exhibition space filled with tools and technologies from well-established software vendors and start-ups alike. Attendees will be able to see the latest offerings from makers of content management systems, content marketing and analytics tools, translation and localization systems, XML authoring and publishing software, video creation tools, eBooks and app development software, productivity platforms, social networks, and more. 

If you'd like information on exhibiting, contact Scott Abel and request an exhibitor prospectus. But, act quickly. The exhibition hall will sell out. Secure your spot today!