All posters presenters are kindly requested to check the date, time, hall and order of their presentation in the Scientific Program.

The time at their disposal is 5 minutes in total (incl. discussion).

You are kindly requested to prepare a USB Key with a folder called Poster Presentation ESPR 2013

Inside please there should be a 2 SLIDES Power Point file (.ppt/.pptx) named:POSTER_(Date)_(Hall)_(Time of the session)_(Order)_(PresenterSurname) 

->>> example: POSTER_OCT12_PORTO_14.30-16.25_2_Ramos-Martin.ppt



Your presentation will consist of two parts:

The poster it self
SUGGESTED DIMENSION: 100 cm high x 70 cm wide (Portrait)

Please bring it and put it up before the welcome reception that will take place in the poster- and commercial exhibition area at the ground floor of the building. The purpose is to mix this social event with a kick-off the scientific exchange. Please keep the poster up during the entire conference, to allow as many as possible to see it. Take the opportunity to be present in the poster area during coffee breaks to get in contact with those who are interested.

Presentation during a poster session. 
Please prepare a 90 seconds presentation with two slides (without animations) and be prepared for 3 minutes of discussion.

Furthermore, we hope that you are willing to take part in an experiment which aims to increase the exchange of experience and viewpoints during the poster session itself, as well as to increase the networking effect of the scientific meeting.

The experiment has three components

1. All presenting authors at the session and the senior chairman are given access to a private meeting room at the website of ESPR.

2. All the abstracts are made visible to the group

3. Pre-meeting exchange in the website meeting room is encouraged. This could concern abstract contents, how best to present the posters, or social matters.

We ask you to

1. log on to the website as soon as possible and post a message. You may chose to present yourself and your place of work and perhaps your special interests - professional and private.

2. read all the abstracts and take the opportunity to ask for more details or explanation about what you see. There may be something that is close to your own work. You may also offer some more info concerning your own work.

3. update your own profile with a photo. This will be of help when you meet in Porto.

4. Consider join a discussion on how best to present a poster. Helmuth Küstler has prepared a guideline which is attached and can be downloaded at the ESPR website. The presention as well as how best to answer questions can be adressed during the discussion.

Junior chairmen

It is a challenge to run a poster session at a high pace. Therefore, the senior chairman that has been appointed by us will try to recruit two more chairmen. One of the chairmen should call the presenter at his/her turn and be ready to invite questions and chair the discussion. Another should keep the time, and the third should 'be the host on the floor', i.e. helping people to find their seats, and identify problems with hearing or seeing. It is most important for a meeting that this is optimised. The chairmen may plan to swap roles during the session.

I hope that you can see the potential benefits of this experiment. A further hope is to recruit more members to our society, members that will relate to colleagues with similar interests in different parts of Europe. If you have suggestions or questions then please let me know.