2014 National Conference on Philanthropic Planning

One track not required
NCPP 2014 offers unique educational programming. Stay in one track to meet speakers and other attendees who are dealing with issues like yours. Or mix and match sessions from various tracks to meet your goals.
Planned Gift Specialists
This track is for attendees who manage relationships with traditional planned gift prospects. These planners may also serve as coaches or trainers for fundraisers in other development departments. Sessions include:
  • Are You Prepared for the Recovery in Real Estate Gifts? (Tim Prosser)
  • Business Succession Planning: Adding Philanthropy to the Mix (Jill Dodd)
  • Advanced Charitable Remainder Trust Design (Reynolds Cafferata)
  • CLUT-tered: My First Charitable Lead Trust - A Case Study (Pete Sommerfeld)
Major and Principal Gift Officers, presented by 
This track is for attendees who would like to enhance their ability to offer planned gift options to major gift donors and high net worth prospects, including blended gifts and unique strategies to meet donor goals. Sessions include:
  • "I Don't Know Anything About You..." Introducing Gift Planning in Conversations (Pamela J. Davidson)
  • Charitable Remainder Unitrusts and Annuity Trusts: The Fundamentals and Beyond (Winton Smith)
  • Incorporating a Women's Initiative - How We Started and What We Learned (Angela Throne)
  • 3 Horse Race: Harnessing Blended Gifts, Bequest Intention Forms and Collaboration (Joseph McKay & Gordon Smith)
  • The ABCs of Major and Planned Gift Portfolio Management (Kelly Wesley Taylor & Linda Speed)
  • The Art (and Science) of Persuasion (Anne Melvin)
One-Person/Small Shop Development Officers
This track provides gift planning strategies appropriate for attendees who are responsible for all types of fundraising in their organizations. Sessions include:
  • Building and Maintaining the Testamentary Gifts Pipeline (Laura Hansen Dean)
  • "Plannual Giving" - A New Framework for Marketing Planned Gifts (Ray Watts & Patience Boudreaux)
  • Volunteers: The Boon and Bane of Planned Gift Fundraising (James Hickey)
  • Why me? Why here? Why now? Creating Your Public Narrative (Melanie Schnoll Begun)
  • It's All About CONVERSING with Donors (Judee Daniels & Elfrena Foord)
  • Metrics that Count - A Scalable Approach to Setting Goals and Evaluating Results (Michael Romero)
Professional Development for Advisors
This track allows advisors to present technical information and skills coaching to their peers, with the goal of integrating philanthropic planning into estate and financial planning practices.

  • Why Charitable Beneficiaries Should Monitor Estates to Avoid Income and Estate Tax (Lawrence Katzenstein)

  • The "Obamacare Tax:" Understanding Its Impact on CRTs and Donors (Jack Sawyer)
  • The Philanthropic Conversation: Understanding Advisor Approaches and Client Expectations (Ramsay Slugg)
  • Meet the Hurleys! An Interactive Multi-Generational Case Study (Phil Cubeta)
  • How to Avoid the 2014 Top Charitable Estate Planning Mistakes (Johni Hays)
  • Drafting for Eternity: Legal Lessons and Practical Advice for Charities, Donors and Advisors (Kathryn Miree)
Executive Briefing, presented by
This track provides current information on trends, demographics, legislative developments and other issues or events that affect philanthropic planning and the goals and performance of fundraisers.
  • What Your Boss Really Needs to Know About Gift Planning (Scott Lumpkin)
  • Estate Taxes: Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? (Robert Sharpe)
  • Legislative & Regulatory Update: News from IRS, Congress and the Court (Emil Kallina)
  • The Power of Engagement: Amplify Your Donor Communication Strategy (Michael Hutney)
  • Building Lasting Legacies: An In-Depth Look of Legacy Society Members (Claudine Donikian & Una Osili)
  • Forgotten But Not Gone: The Philanthropy Protection Act of 1995 (Joe Bull)
The Summit
This masters track honors Frank Minton’s long career in gift planning, and his service to PPP as board president, Distinguished Service Award recipient, and indefatigable coach and climber. Frank has crafted a challenging trek for experienced planners who are seeking new perspective on the essential tools and techniques of charitable planning. Sessions include:
  • The Rebirth of the Charitable Remainder Trust (David Newman)
  • Why Pooled Income Funds Deserve a New Look (Marc Carmichael)
  • Broadening the Appeal of Gift Annuities (Frank Minton)
  • Gifts Involving Partnerships,LLCs and S Corporations (Chris Hoyt)
  • Gift Planning for Same-Sex Couples (Wendy Goffe)
  • Increasing and Preserving Revocable Gifts (Erik Dryburgh)