2014 National Conference on Philanthropic Planning
"What a wonderful gathering
of committed
professional fundraisers!"

 At the 2014 National Conference on Philanthropic Planning, the opportunities to network are better than ever!
The Exhibit Hall: As the hub of conference social activities, the exhibit hall is the place to meet with companies whose products and services will help you work smarter. Enjoy breakfast, beverages and great conversation with exhibitors and fellow attendees. 

ReCharge Lounge: Need a place to discuss a particular issue or breakout session, or gather a like-minded group of attendees? The ReCharge Lounge provides a quiet place to gather, decompress and/or recharge. Complete with outlets to ReCharge those mobile devices!

Education Tracks: 2014 NCPP's education tracks are affinity group-driven. Locate content and peers that are most instructive. No one is required to stay in a single track, but those who do will get sessions focused on their particular opportunities and constraints.

Affinity Luncheon: Sit with attendees from similar organizations to discuss issues and trends unique to your circumstances. A moderator will guide the discussion.

E-community: Before, during and after the conference, you can network with faculty and other attendees online in PPP's e-community.

Go Mobile: Our updated mobile app will give you the opportunity to navigate conference events and connect with fellow attendees on site.

Get Social: