Alternative Asset Summit 2014

The Road Map covers all the whites space the industry needs to respond to each year                           "Established Manager"

Academically and emotionally engaging
"Start Up Manager"

The Alternative Asset Summit is the highest quality conference in the industry as a result of its Investor heavy/Service Provider light format. I've been to it since its inception in 2006 and come back every year. The Break Out sessions get better every year.

“Institutional Consultant”

The Alternative Asset Summit rocks! Attending is like visiting your favorite vacation destination to do a mind, body and spirit recharge and accomplishing a huge information download while hanging out with the nicest most open people in the business.
“Family Office CIO”

The Closed Door Peer to Peer Family Office sessions has created quite a legacy other industry summits will be sure to espouse.   It’s quite an experience to compare notes with other like-minded families.
“Patriarch of a Family Office”

You’ll know when you and your business are crossing bridges…attending Victor Park’s summit does this for you.
"Niche Service Provider"

It was an amazing and inspiring feeling to be surrounded by so many friends that attend each year and bring their network.  Conversations and idea exchanges are passionate and not competitive or aggressive in this context.  The Friends of Friends of Friends attendee dynamic is not about money, prestige, or titles—but instead it was about becoming better at what we do and celebrating all the good things once a year.
“Investor Relations Executive of a $10bln+ Multi strategy hedge fund”

A well-organized conference that provides a once-a-year enclave for industry participants looking to share ideas and keep current with trends.
“$5bln Fund of Funds Portfolio Manager”

The Alternative Asset Summit is an opportunity to appreciate the value of the work we all do each day. I am excited, inspired and encouraged by what I learn and ready to implement it in a way that affirms me and present new challenges for my firm and associates.
“Technology related service provider”

Come to the Summit an individual, attend as a student, and when it's over you will leave as a member of the developmental minded community.
“Start up manager”

I learned so many new updates and ideas about how to thrive in the current environment and am happy to be part of such a relevant group of industry professionals.
“Successfully incubated Manager”

I look forward to and feel very comfortable at the Summit each year given its friends and friends of friends format.

Attending the Alternative Asset Summit is like being a singles guy out a bar on ladies drink free night….Other conferences are more like being a singles guy out at a bar on couples night.
"$50mm Hedge Fund Manager"

You get as close to a step by step training program that teaches you real skills/ideas to dynamically grow your business.
"Start-up Manager"

If you're ready to start your hedge fund… this was for me the most important experience of my business… you have got to attend.
"Mid-sized Hedge Fund Manager"

The is an accelerated learning experience particularly for the start up manager.

The discovery that occurs at Victor Park’s summit provides a clear road map for break thru business building.    

On the flight back from Vegas I start to see so much more of what I was missing of how the industry has changed and how much of my focus was looking in the rear view mirror.

The crowd that Victor Park attracts is friendly, not competitive.  There’s a good amount of mutual wows, oohing and ahhing – not much poo pooing.

The alternative asset summit is not glamorous but is homespun and earnest. It’s a very real jumping off point experience.

Attendees are excited about what the know and eager to learn.  Everyone leaves know more understanding more about themselves and how better to shape their businesses.

I’ve got my job thru the contacts / network I established at Victor Park’s Summit.

Interplay amongst experienced service providers, particularly on the presentation and marketing side of things at the Boot Camp, add a lot of indepth context and a strong industry cultural element I don’t find otherwise.

Being part of the group Victor Park attracts to his summit and events gives me the feeling that I can achieve success as well as personal fulfillment by being part of what’s the only “community” in the industry.

All presentations are more like coaching than teaching.  The workshops feel more like conversations whereas at other industry events I feel like I’m being lectured.

Not the biggest summit in the industry but definitely a Game Changer…Every year it gets better and better.

Its perfect for folks focused on “who is” there and not so much “how many” are there.

Victor Park is on the cutting edge and tends to redefine the very nature of what is possible.

I redefine and recreate the future of my business each year at Victor’s summit. it’s a good re awakening exercise.

I take effective action at a faster rate in a more constructive manner after the Summit.

After attending the Summit I have a much better understanding the investor to manager capital raising relationship and cycle.

The Summit so energizes and recharges me annually – it has enduring value for me and my business.   

I feel much more committed and motivated to re-engage and further develop my fund after having interacted with folks at Victor Park’s Summit.

The Summit contains a lot of practical value for so many aspects of my hedge fund.

I’ve got better visibility on one of my most profound concerns – how to build an effective business and to set priorities accordingly.

The Summit is so take away heavy, I can think much more productively about my goals.

I have great confidence and find going to work much more enjoyable and satisfying as a direct result of attending the Summit each year.

After having gone thru the Boot Camp at the Alternative Asset Summit, I’m much more comfortable and at ease on a number of issue involving pitching my fund that ever before.

I have a much clearer sense of direction after having attended the summit.

Because the Summit is service provider agnostic-I can better engage the right teams for my needs within my budget. Thanks Victor Park for instituting the investor waived registration format - its really opened up the industry.

I’m less concerned with the approval and/or opinions of others as to how to produce returns than I was prior to attending the Summit.

I’m more focused on being able to achieve my professional goals as a direct result of the takeaways and the network built at the Summit.

I come back from the Summit each year feeling like I’m armed to live life powerfully doing the things I love like building up my business the way I envision it will be built and run.

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