Alternative Asset Summit 2014


  1. Meet investors in pre-arranged one-on-ones;
  2. Lead RoundTables sessions on your strategy;
  3. Meet unique performance focused allocators, family offices, RIAs, fund of funds;
  4. Learn about proven distribution methods;
  5. Develop a growth strategy for your business;
  6. Separate your strategy from competition;
  7. Professionally present your firm through well designed and informative fact sheets, presentations, and DDQs;
  8. Interact with cutting edge and well connected service providers for free;
  9. Experience a collaborative atmosphere;
  10. Study how other managers have succeeded and avoided common pitfalls;
  11. Streamline the operational side of your business and focus on investing;
  12. Master Operational Due Diligence;
  13. Implement best practices;
  14. Understand what institutional investors want and need;
  15. Learn how fund of funds portfolios are changing and how your strategy can be a fit;
  16. Use social networks to your advantage;
  17. Understand various structures available, UCITS, ‘40 Act, managed accounts;
  18. Cost savings across your business - trading, business development, service providers;
  19. Participate on an expert panel or best ideas panel to showcase your expertise;
  20. Collaborate!  Bring an idea of your own and we’ll try to incorporate.  

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