Ultrasound meets Magnetic Resonance 2015

Welcome to Ultrasound meets Magnetic Resonance 2015

The tradition of this meeting is continuing thanks to the inspiration of Ives Ville and Daniela Prayer. The constant technical evolution of ultrasound techniques and MR working often together nowadays with a much wider application of both techniques in world of the fetal life at first, and, consequently, the future neonatal life, deserves great cultural investments like those operating in this meeting. There is a mounting need to improve, in a joint effort, the different views of different experts like obstetricians, neonatologists, neuroradiologists and radiologists taking care of the fetus, the mother and the future neonate. A leading subject will remain the developing brain but many other insights will be developed in the interaction with many other organs like the hearth and the placenta. The fascinating area of images in medicine will be accompanied by the most recent discoveries in different fields, like, for instance, genetic and molecular science building the new neocortical transcriptome. We guarantee that the choice of the main actors  of the meeting will meet two main criteria, great expertise together charismatic skills as speakers. 

Best regards,

Luca Ramenghi

President of the congress

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