See what your writing peers are saying about the Writer’s Digest Conference.  

If you haven’t experienced the thrill that is the Writer’s Digest Conference, then prepare to be captivated by these inspiring words straight from conference attendees! Access to writing advice, publishing secrets and industry connections are just a few of the perks past attendees herald when describing this life-changing event.

From Literary Agents:
The Writer’s Digest Conference was a great opportunity to network with other industry professionals and meet with talented writers. I signed a writer that I met through the conference’s pitch slam and we’re now on sale with her project with at least 5 editors currently reviewing her manuscript.
- Thao Le, Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

From Attendees:

"I had never been to a Writer's Digest conference before, and I found the entire
experience to be exceedingly informative, enjoyable, and fascinating. I would definitely do it again!" - Sandra Anthony

"I was feeling very disappointed about my writing before the conference and as I sat through the workshops and heard people talk and speak about writing, my spirit was refreshed and my mind renewed.  I believed once again in this frustrating, but deeply rewarding experience." - Betty LsSorella

"The conference was both helpful and inspirational. The information in the sessions helped me improve my writing. I was able to make significant improvements to my work-in-progress. The pitch slam was great, and the feedback the agents provided was so helpful." - Kathleen Immordino

"The Pitch Slam caught my attention in WD magazine. I checked out the conference online and was intrigued by several sessions. I found the conference to be very helpful and a great place to talk and learn about writing." - Sarah Parker

"Writer's Digest Conference East was tremendous. I wrote pages of useful notes, tips and thoughts. Agents, Writers, Organizers were all very approachable. This was money well spent." - Brien Szabo

"The conference was a great resource for budding and seasoned writers alike. There was an energy present throughout that was not only positive, but contagious. I can't wait to attend next year!" - Clifton J. Stringfield

"The conference was phenomenal and just the platform I needed to be recognized as an emerging author. I highly recommend attending to anyone serious about writing as a profession." - Jeremy Ray Swiger

"After 30 years working at my career I am now retired and looking to become published. This was a great experience for me to meet authors and agents and begin to understand the industry." - Frank St. Onge

"One of the most memorable conferences I've attended. It was my first writers' conference. The speakers were approachable and willing to share their knowledge and expertise in such a way as to inspire and motivate new writers. The Pitch Slam was intense and exhilarating." - C. Fong Hsiung

"This was my first experience at a writing conference, and I was quite nervous about the pitch slam. The Writer's Digest staff for so helpful, even pointing me in the direction of agents that were compatible with the genre of my manuscript. The presenters were knowledgeable, and my overall experience was fabulous! I am planning to attend next year." - Nicole Welding