The Agents and Editors

At the Pitch Slam, you’ll meet literary agents and editors. They represent all genres of fiction and nonfiction, children’s, young adult and adult writing. They’ve got one thing in common: They’re all actively looking for new writers.

We’re busy confirming our roster of 50 top-notch agents to participate in the Pitch Slam. Take a look below to see our current list of confirmed agents for the 2014 Pitch Slam and check back often to view our new additions.  Sign up for our e-newsletter to receive updates!

Jordy Albert
The Albert Booker Literary Agency
Jordy seeks middle grade (contemporary, fantasy, action/adventure, or historical) and young adult (any subgenre -- but romantic elements are good). Concerning YA, she is also open to LGBT and would love to see a YA or NA romance set during WWII (and/or the 1920s)--possibly with a time travel element. She also reps new adult romance, romance (any subgenre), and nonfiction in the categories of narrative, historical, science, and nonfiction for children and young adults.

Marilyn Allen
Allen O’Shea Literary
Marilyn seeks nonfiction books with solid marketing platforms in the areas of health, cooking, history, business, science, current affairs, crafts and narrative nonfiction.

Claire Anderson-Wheeler
Regal Literary
Claire is seeking: YA with a strong voice (realistic or high-concept), works of narrative nonfiction and pop culture/pop psychology, literary fiction, and commercial women’s fiction driven by strong contemporary issues.

Cara Bedick
Senior Editor at Harlequin Nonfiction
Cara acquires for their all non-fiction list in the categories of health & wellness, lifestyle, cookbook, and memoir. She edited Chef Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby’s Vedge, which was named one of the best cookbooks of 2013 by the Washington Post, Cooking Light, Entertainment Weekly, and Yoga Journal. She is currently working with New York Times bestselling author Kimberly Snyder C.N. on The Beauty Detox Power, due out in Spring 2015. Tweet your favorite green smoothie recipe to her @CaraBedick

Regina Brooks
Serendipity Literary
Regina is the author of Writing Great Books For Young Adults (Source Books) the forthcoming title You (Really) Should Write A Book: Writing, Selling And Marketing Your Memoir (St. Martin’s Press). She is drawn to subjects like science, humor, politics, psychology and self-help, pop culture, health, women’s issues, parenting, cooking, alternative spirituality, business, technology, children’s middle grade and young adult literary and commercial fiction and any new topics, and always interested in new and emerging writers.

Michelle Brower
Folio Literary Management

Sheree Bykofsky
Sheree Bykofsky Associates
Sheree is a generalist and has eclectic and sometimes eccentric tastes. She represent all areas of nonfictions and commercial and literary fiction. There are a few areas she particularly likes in nonfiction: popular reference, business, self-help/psychology, humor, biography and current affairs, women’s interest, cookbooks, spiritual, multicultural, parenting, anything to do with games, movies, chronologies. In fiction, she particularly likes commercial fiction with literary appeal and mysteries. Some of the genres she generally will NOT represent include poetry, horror, westerns, occult, science fiction, picture books, and fantasy.

Marisa A. Corvisiero, Esq.
Corvisiero Literary Agency
Marisa specializes in romance and women's fiction, thrillers and adventure, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and any combination thereof for adults, new adults, young adult and middle grade. In nonfiction she enjoys business, environmental, mainstream science, self improvement, and parenting.

Kaylee Davis
Dee Mura Literary
Kaylee is actively seeking to build her client list in the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, speculative fiction, and young adult; bonus points if there are elements of steampunk, coming-of-age, urban fantasy, espionage, social commentary, or counter culture. Kaylee is drawn to exciting, thought-provoking stories with a fresh perspective that explores what it means to be human. She is happy to work with new and emerging writers.

Diana Finch
Diana Finch Literary Agency
Diana represents many journalists and has good success recently with books about environmental issues, business (both narrative and how-to), politics - especially the progressive kind - sports and science. In fiction, she looks for a distinctive voice and strong storytelling. One of her newest clients is a YA novelist with a fantasy dystopian trilogy, and she is happy to say that she signed a novelist from the 2012 Writer’s Digest Pitch Slam.

Dawn Frederick
Red Sofa Literary
Dawn is looking for biography—historical, media-related, political (no personal memoirs); creative nonfiction (smart, with noticeable platform, highly commercial); graphic novels (no manga, please); history that will engage the commercial reader; humor; pop culture; social issues/current affairs (women’s studies, GLTB studies, social sciences, and more); sports (less mainstream, more extreme sport, ex. Roller Derby); women’s narratives (chick lit nonfiction, Latina, African-American, and more). In fiction, she seeks young adult and middle grade.

Nadeen Gayle
Serendipity Literary
Nadeen seeks romance, memoir, pop culture, inspirational/religious, women’s fiction, parenting, young adult, mystery and political thrillers, and all forms of nonfiction.

Stacey Glick
Dystel & Goderich
Stacey has diverse tastes, including nonfiction across the board, especially cookbooks and subjects related to the culinary world. She also retains an avid interest in psychology, and dabbles in pop culture, current events, business, narrative nonfiction, and anything that offers a fresh or unique approach to an existing subject. Fiction is much more subjective and instinctual, and she enjoys reading stories that range in style and scope. Genre isn't as important as finding a compelling story that is well told.

Katie Grimm
Don Congdon Literary
Katie represents vivid literary fiction, transportive historical fiction, upmarket women’s fiction, cohesive short story collections, lurid mysteries & thrillers with exotic or historical settings, high-concept young adult, and middle grade with heart and humor. For nonfiction: offbeat narrative nonfiction, history, multicultural, memoir with distinct voice, and counter-culture.

Jill Grosjean
Jill Grosjean Literary
Jill seeks general fiction, literary fiction and mystery.

Steve Kasdin
Curtis Brown Ltd.
Steve is seeking commercial fiction, including mysteries/thrillers, romantic suspense (emphasis on the suspense), and historical fiction); narrative nonfiction, including biography, history and current affairs; and young adult fiction, particularly if it has adult crossover appeal. He is NOT interested in SF/fantasy, memoirs, vampires and writers trying to capitalize on trends.

Larry Kirshbaum
Waxman Leavell Literary Agency
Larry hopes to sign fiction and nonfiction authors, including those who are self-published.

Pete Knapp
The Park Literary Group
Pete reps middle grade and young adult fiction, as well as suspense and thrillers for all ages. He does not represent picture books or nonfiction.

Catherine Luttinger
Darhansoff & Verrill
Catherine is primarily interested in science fiction and fantasy. To her, that includes anything that could even remotely be labeled as such. Viable submission material includes everything from classic space operas to the apocalypse; alternative universes, dystopias, and eco-thrillers—as well as the paranormal, horror, zombies, plagues, and time travel. She is also willing to look at historical fiction, mythology re-told, YA, thrillers and mysteries. You may also pitch her pop-science nonfiction.

Meg Leder
Editor, Perigee/Penguin
Meg seeks nonfiction: reference, humor, illustrated/art, how-to, general, advice/relationships, business, finance, current affairs, parenting, health, pop culture, cooking, science.

Nichole LeFebvre
The Friedrich Agency

Kate McKean
Howard Morhaim Literary Agency

Jacquelyn Mitchard
Acquisitions Editor/ Merit Press
Jacquelyn Mitchard is the Editor in Chief of Merit Press, a new young adult imprint from Adams Media. Merit Press specializes in young adult fiction set in the real world and dealing with real life. She’s looking for stories that are suspenseful, contemporary, and real with a sinister, hilarious, or romantic twist. She wants to publish the next National Velvet, The Book Thief, Tuck Everlasting, Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones, and The Outsiders. Classics for a new generation. Please do not pitch any fantasy, scifi, or paranormal stories, or anything with vampires, werewolves, or zombies.

Adam Muhlig
McIntosh & Otis
Adam has a love of fiction and is looking for a fresh voice whether this be for fiction or narrative nonfiction. He seeks authors of books offering new analysis and fresh perspectives by or about mavericks in the field of music – from jazz to classical to punk – as well as texts focusing on natural history, travel, adventure and sports.

Paula Munier
Talcott Notch Literary
Paula seeks mystery/thriller, science fiction, fantasy, romance and young adult. For nonfiction, she seeks memoir, humor, pop culture, health & wellness, cooking, self-help, pop psych, New Age, inspirational, technology, science, and writing.

Dee Mura
Dee Mura Literary
Dee reps mystery, thriller, espionage, action/adventure, military, finance, political, historical, humor, and animals.

Kimiko Nakamura
Dee Mura Literary
Kimiko is looking for contemporary fiction, narrative nonfiction, women’s lit, young adult, fantasy, paranormal romance, mystery, satire, memoir, spirituality, and health.  She also loves books that make our daily lives more enjoyable, cookbooks that she can read like the Sunday morning paper, and inspiring stories of people making their mark on the world.

Gina Panettieri
Talcott Notch Literary
Gina represents a full range of adult and children's fiction and nonfiction, with a particular interest in young adult fantasy, young adult realistic fiction, middle-grade humor, adult mystery and thriller, women's fiction, cookbooks, memoir, history, popular science, parenting, true crime and health and fitness.

Beth Phelan
The Bent Agency
Beth represents fiction for young adults and middle grade readers, select commercial and literary adult fiction, and nonfiction by way of lifestyle, cooking/food writing, humor, pop culture, LGBT and pets/animals. For adult fiction, she leans toward new adult, suspense, thriller, and mystery.

Rebecca Podos
Rees Literary Agency

Adriann Ranta
Wolf Literary Services

Jessica Regel
Jean V. Naggar Literary
Jessica represents children's book writers and a select list of adult writers. In children's books, she represents young adult and middle grade writers of all genres, but specifically fiction with genre elements, such as fantasy, paranormal, gothic, horror, suspense, magical realism, romance, or humor. In adult books, she represents novels that bridge the gap between literary and commercial. She especially likes humor, modern love stories, international fiction, and quirky/edgy fiction. She also represents nonfiction titles in the humor and memoir genres.

Quressa Robinson
Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Press
Quressa is interested in fiction including general fiction, upmarket, historical and contemporary romance, paranormal, urban and contemporary fantasy, women's fiction, thriller, horror, and epic fantasy.  But, she also loves and devour a heavy dose of literary fiction, memoir, science, history, and humor. As a reader and young editor she is most drawn to imaginative and detailed world building and strong voice- or narrative-driven stories. She's also eager to introduce universal stories featuring diverse characters and protagonists to mainstream audiences. 

Rita Rosenkranz
Rita Rosenkranz Literary
Rita seeks adult nonfiction, including health, history, parenting, music, how-to, popular science, business, biography, popular reference, memoir, cooking, spirituality, sports and general interest titles. Rita works with major publishing houses, as well as regional publishers that handle niche markets. She looks for projects that present familiar subjects freshly or lesser-known subjects presented commercially.

Eric Ruben
The Ruben Agency
Eric is currently most interested in young adult, all romance, erotica, LGBT, mystery and more. He does not want screenplays, picture books, children’s, short stories, novellas, graphic novels or poetry. What’s currently hot does not matter. First and foremost, he's looking for good writing.

Caitlen Rubino-Bradway
LKG Agency
Caitlen is looking for middle grade and young adult fiction. In teen novels, sci-fi/fantasy is her sweet spot, but she's open to anything as long as it doesn't have zombies.

Katie Shea Boutillier
Donald Maass Literary Agency

Jessica Sinsheimer
Sarah Jane Freymann Literary
Jessica is most excited about finding literary fiction, women’s fiction, thrillers, speculative fiction, and edgy young adult fiction. With nonfiction, she seeks psychology, parenting, and works that speak to life in the 21st century.

Anna Sproul-Latimer
Ross Yoon Agency
Anna represents adult nonfiction. She seeks authors who explore new frontiers, uncover hidden histories, and embed themselves in unusual places -- journalists, top bloggers, performers, theologians, or scientists. Here are alphabetically-organized keywords she uses to describe herself: airplanes, Americana, Bill Bryson, death, England, Gene Weingarten, Jezebel, Jim Henson, @LongReads, Mary Roach, MervynPeake, New York magazine, Pitcairn Island, pop culture, psychology, rock music, the Simpsons, Sloane Crosley, weird, William Langewiesche.

Michael Sterling
Folio Literary Management
Michael is looking for literary and upmarket fiction with high concepts and thriller/mystery/suspense novels with tremendous commercial appeal and strong writing—anything from Lee Child to John le Carré. Books set abroad during the 20th century are often favorites, too. For nonfiction, Michael seeks books with a strong narrative element: political books, memoirs, investigative and journalistic works, or titles that place a specific region, historical event, person or thing under a microscope.

Michael Szczerban
Editor, Simon & Schuster
Michael acquires works of fiction, narrative nonfiction, humor, and books about culture, science, technology, psychology, food, and adventure. He is passionate about transformative ideas, the intersection of technology and culture, fascinating but little-known true stories, and writers who explore why we are the way we are.

Roseanne Wells
Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency
Roseanne is interested in narrative nonfiction, science (popular or trade, not academic), health, history, true crime, religion, travel, food/cooking, and similar subjects. She also seeks strong literary fiction, YA, sci-fi, fantasy, and detective mysteries (more Sherlock Holmes than cozies).

John Willig
Literary Services, Inc.
John and his colleagues are primarily interested in prescriptive and narrative nonfiction. Besides business and financial investing topics, we promote exceptional writers in the health, sports, history, true crime, science, reference, careers, and personal growth categories.

Kathleen Zakhar
Harold Ober Associates
Kathleen is looking for young adult (contemporary and fantasy), quirky middle grade, non-fiction picture books, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, and horror novels. She has a special place in her heart for sweeping love stories, inventive world-building, repurposed folklore, and dark comedy.

Laura Zats
Red Sofa Literary
Laura seeks young adult and middle grade (especially contemporary for both), romance, new adult, contemporary women’s fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, and erotica.

Helen Zimmerman
Zimmerman Agency
Helen seeks nonfiction projects to do with health and wellness, relationships, popular culture, women’s issues, lifestyle, sports, and music as well as memoirs. She also is open to reading keep-her-up-at-night fiction.

***Agent/Editor list is subject to change at any time.