2013 BC TRCR Symposium
First Nations Participation
First Nation and Community Members Can Apply for Free Registration  
First Nation and community members actively participating in the review of reclamation at a proposed, operating or closed mines are invited to apply for free registration to the British Columbia Reclamation Symposium.  Attendance at the symposium is a great opportunity to:
  • gain an appreciation of materials, methods and different approaches used in mine reclamation,
  • gain an appreciation of advancements in practices, techniques and standards that apply to the understanding and prediction of mine related impacts,
  • learn about different types of work conducted during all phases of mine life and differences between the various mines types,
  • meet practitioners and,
  • see examples of successful work.

Free registration will allow participation in all short courses, field trips, sponsored social events and technical paper sessions.

Persons wishing to apply should send an e-mail indicating their name, affiliation and contact information with a brief description of their participation in the review of reclamation at a proposed, operating or closed mine to:  Bill Price at  bprice@nrcan.gc.ca. Do not delay as participation in short course and field tour is space permitting.