Great Grantmaking with Genevieve Timmons

Great Grantmaking Series hosted by Philanthropy New Zealand

In partnership with Dr Genevieve Timmons, Swinburne Centre for Social Impact, Melbourne Australia


Great Grantmaking Series


Session One : Savvy Giving Fundamentals for Your Approach

  •          Balancing Essentials of Values, Creativity, Practicality & Learning
  •          Continual Learning & the Knowledge Wheel
  •          The Generosity Ecosystem
  •          Steps in the Grantmaking Pathway
  •          How to Assess a Funding Proposal


This session sets up the context for attendees, and establishes reference for the following sessions. 

Session Two : Understanding the Savvy Giving Generosity Ecosystem

  •              What does the philanthropy sector in New Zealand look like in 2020?
  •              Whose fingerprints are on the work of philanthropy? 
  •              What are the roles and responsibilities attached to giving programs, and where do you fit?


Session ThreeBuilding relationships that work for everyone

  •              Ideal ingredients for efficient, effective funding relationships 
  •              Managing power and building trust, using time efficiently


Session FourCommunicating with potential applicants

  •             Providing information for potential applicants, and maintaining positive, open  communication
  •             Communicating grant application processes, priorities and criteria in a clear and  helpful manner
  •             Deflecting or encouraging applications, managing expectations, building trust and a positive reputation


Session FiveAssessing proposals

  •            Checklist for assessing a funding proposal
  •            Weighing up the chance of successful outcomes in projects, programmes and services proposed
  •            Testing against funding criteria and policies


Session Six :   Scrutinising the financials of funding proposals

  •                 Assessing proposed budgets and testing for viability
  •                 Understanding financial health of the applicant organisations
  •                 How the financials tell their own story


Session Seven:   Funding for impact

  •              Identifying opportunities for high impact
  •              Matching proposals to funder’s strategic goals and objectives
  •              Working with communities and people with lived experience
  •              Supporting people’s aspirations to lead their own advancement