NAGAP 2021 GEM Summit

Connect with attendees with an AD in the conference platform. Attendees will see your banner ad running each time they access the site to view sessions, events and connect with colleagues.

Banner Ad - $250

Banner Ad Specs: 200x200px

Ads should be provided in a .jpeg or .png to by March 19, 2021.


Market to attendees before and after the conference. Registration lists include:
  • Attendees who have opted in to marketing mailings from sponsors/exhibitors.
  • Name, institution/organization, mailing address and email.
  • Lists are one-time use only and sent electronically in excel format.
  • Please review the NAGAP Mailing List Policy.
  • These are sent approximately 10 to 14 days after registration closes and the conference concludes.

PRE-Conference Registration Mailing List*…$450
List will be emailed approximately April 12, 2021

POST-Conference Registration Mailing List*...$450
List will be emailed approximately May 29, 2021