NAGAP 2021 GEM Summit
Virtual Exhibit Booths

Click HERE to download a list of all virtual exhibit booth options.
Application Deadline is April 14, 2021.
10' x 10' Standard Booth: $2,000
10' x 10' Preferred Booth:  $2,250
20' x 10' Standard Booth: $3,750
20' x 10' Preferred Booth: $4,250
Additional booth representatives: $350 (includes non-sponsored social events)
Full payment for exhibit booths is due by credit card at the time of confirmation.  Sponsorship payments can be made via check.

Checks for sponsorship should be made payable to NAGAP and mailed to the following address with a copy of your booth confirmation:
P.O. Box 723248
Atlanta, GA 31339

How do I create my virtual booth?

NAGAP has selected the Pathable Platform to host our Virtual 2021 GEM Summit.  Pathable offers you ways to connect with attendees with one-on-one appointments or live chats. Attendee lead retrieval reports from attendees that visit your booth or request information are available anytime and easy to download.  No additional apps needed or waiting for reports.  For more information on the Pathable virtual exhibitor experience check out this video.

Exhibitors and sponsors will be granted Pathable access and given instructions for booth set-up on April 1, 2021.