MEMS Executive Congress Europe 2013

Sponsorship FAQ   

How do I make my hotel reservation? 
You are responsible for making your hotel reservation at the Steigenberger Hotel Amsterdam. Please click here to make your reservation. 

Rooms are available to attendees of MEMS Executive Congress for 125 EUR.  Room rate is per room per night, excluding 6% city tax but including VAT and American breakfast buffet. Please mention MEMS Industry Group and MEMS Executive Congress to receive the negotiated rate. The online access code is Mems. 
The cutoff date for the special negotiated rate is February 19. After that date, room rate may vary.

Where should I send my marketing literature (all sponsors), giveaways, and banners (premium sponsors only)? 

Anne-Miek Dicker
Events Manager
Steigenberger Airport Hotel
Stationsplein ZW 951

1117 CE Schiphol-Oost, The Netherlands

+31 20 5400-886
HOLD FOR:  Shirley Galloway, MEMS Executive Congress Europe, March 12, 2013
CONTENTS: _______________________________________
# IN SHIPMENT: (for multiple packages, please number them, i.e. 1 of 10, 2 of 10, etc)
Once you ship the items, please email with the following information. 

Number of boxes shipped
Date shipped
Shipping company
Tracking number  

When should I schedule delivery for my shipment? 

Shipped items should arrive no later than Friday, 8 March and no earlier than Wednesday, 6 March.  All boxes should be labeled with the following information: 

How many pieces of marketing literature should I send? 
We recommend sending at least 150 pieces of literature, but you may send more or less based on your judgment. Please see below to learn what happens to leftover materials. 
What happens to leftover materials after the event?
Sponsors are responsible for picking up any leftover materials from the sponsor literature table at the event. Any materials not picked up will be discarded. MIG will do its best to work with the hotel to make sure that the materials are recycled. MIG is not responsible for shipping any items back to a sponsor's company. 
I'm a premium sponsor and will be sending a banner to be displayed at the Congress, what happens to my materials after the event? 
Sponsors are responsible for tearing down their displays promptly at the end of the Congress and before we leave for the dinner at the Heineken Experience (18:00hrs). Sponsors are responsible for shipping their displays from the hotel. If you are unable to ship your items back personally, arrangements must be made with MIG in advance. This includes giving MIG a prepared label that includes your Fedex or UPS number.  
How do I know if my company is a premium sponsor? 

A premium sponsor includes the following sponsorship levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Click here to see the list of sponsors.   

How do I register for the Congress using my allotted complimentary pass(es)? 
If you haven’t already received a coupon code, please contact Monica Takacs at 412-390-1644 or Once you register, you wil l receive a coupon code for 20% off additional registrants from your company over the allotment.   

How do I participate in the PR publicity program? 
Online Press Room: Deadline is February 22, 2013 to secure participation in the Online Press Room.
  • The Online Press Room is organized first by sponsorship level. All other MIG member companies will appear immediately after our sponsors. 
  • Press room participation is available at no charge to MIG member companies. 
  • Congress sponsors may contribute 5 documents + 3 images and one video link. 
  • All other MIG members and event speakers may contribute 3 documents + 1 image. 
  • PRESS RELEASE DATES: Please send us your press releases issued between November 1, 2012-March 13, 2013.
  • February 22 Deadline: Are You In? Please let us know that you are planning to submit material by this date.
  • March 8 Deadline: Materials Due Now—Email documents to MIG. Details to be provided.
  • March 11 Deadline: Last Possible Submission Date—Email documents to MIG, but please understand that due to time constraints, your posting to the online press room may be delayed.