America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride


Team In Training has partnered with TriBike Transport (TBT) to provide bike shipping, bike rentals and onsite services during event weekend for America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride.

Questions that are specifically about TriBike Transports bike shipment process can be answered by visiting their main FAQ page or their dedicated Pack & Ship FAQ page.

Teammates can choose to add or remove bike shipment from their fundraising commitment levels through the commitment deadline. If a Teammate chooses a fundraising commitment level that includes bike shipment, the Teammate will be able to select one of the three bike options listed below (based on availability).


    Options are dependent on the services available in the Teammate’s geographical area within the US and will be communicated by the vendor when the Teammate makes a reservation directly with them. At least one bike option will be available in all areas.

    • Fully Assembled Bike Shipment: The bike shipment vendor will pick up your fully-assembled** bike from a designated location and transport via a cargo truck. Bikes will be returned in the same way to your designated partner shop. A list of TBT's currently confirmed partner shop drop off locations are available on their website by selecting the partner shop drop down menu.  Estimated dates of pick up are also listed once your select your drop off location. Additional markets may be added after the commitment deadline.
      • **Only pedals and any accessories that may break off will need to be removed from the bike for shipment.
      • With this option, the bike shipment vendor is extending an *exclusive perk* for Teammates, allowing one small gear bag to be transported to event weekend free of charge. This is a great opportunity to get your helmet, pedals, and bike shoes to event weekend without packing them in your carry-on!
    • Pack & Ship Bike Shipment: Teammates partially disassemble their bike by removing the pedals, seat and seat post, handlebars and front wheel. Then the bike is packaged in a bike box (not included) and shipped via UPS/FedEx to the event. You have the option to package your bike yourself or have your local bike shop provide that service for you. Please note:
      • If you do not have a bike box, you can call a local bike shop ahead of time and make arrangements to secure one.
      • If you'd like to package your bike yourself, a video to learn how to package your bike for shipping is available. Click here to view the video.
      • If you ask a bike shop to perform this service they may charge a fee.
      • The bike transport company will send you shipping labels. Once the bike is packaged, you can drop your bike off at any UPS/FedEx location or schedule a UPS/FedEx pick-up. At the event, bikes will be assembled by a bike vendor mechanic. Upon conclusion of the event, your bike will be disassembled by the mechanic, packed and shipped back to your preferred address via UPS/FedEx.
      • Upon return post-event, bike reassembly is the responsibility of the Teammate.
    • Reserve a Rental Bike – Teammates whose fundraising benefits include bike shipment also have the option to reserve a rental bike in lieu of shipping your own bike to event weekend.
      • Pedals are not included with rentals; Teammates must bring own pedals to attach to the rental bike.

    IMPORTANT: All athletes must bring their helmets, shoes and pedals (including those reserving a RENTAL) with them to event weekend or (if applicable) pack them in your complimentary gear bag. Bikes cannot ship with these items attached, and Rentals do not include pedals.

    *Options are subject to availability


    Team members fundraising for bike shipment will receive an email from Team In Training by March 15th with instruction on how to reserve transportation for their bike. All reservations must be completed no later than April 2nd. This deadline is set to ensure adequate time is available to properly organize shipment logistics.

    Team members should plan on being without their bike for 7 -10 days pre and post event to allow for transportation time and onsite set up/post-event drop off arrangements. Preliminary shipments dates are available on TBT's website by selecting your shipment method. Final drop off/return dates and location will be communicated directly by TBT at a later date.