Building Hope Together Conference

The Building Hope Together: The Journey After Suicide Conference provides opportunities to learn, network, advocate, support and advise in the hope of reducing suicide by supporting those impacted by suicide.

The 2019 Conference focuses on building hope together through the three main conference themes – encouraging resilience, incorporating lived experience and facilitating collaboration between stakeholders. The conference encourages the sharing and discussion of ideas, stories and research to bring positive outcomes for the postvention sector.


  • Those Bereaved by Suicide (families, friends and associates)
  • Carers
  • Crisis Intervention Workers
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Clergy, Pastoral Care Workers, Spiritual Advisors
  • Service Providers (psychiatrists, general practitioners, psychologists, social workers, clinicians/counsellors, youth workers, aged care workers)
  • Suicide bereavement support group facilitators
  • Researchers
  • Police/Emergency Services Personnel
  • Military Personnel
  • Education (teachers & school counsellors)
  • Worship Centres/Churches
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Correctional Services
  • Human Services Organisations
  • Policy Writers
  • Local Government
  • HR & Workplace Manager


  1. To provide a voice for those bereaved by suicide through creative expression and integrating the stories of those bereaved by suicide across Australia
  2. To reach out and support with hope and healing, to military and emergency services personnel suffering intense emotional trauma, shock, grief and physical and mental ill health
  3. To provide support, information and opportunities for networking and collaboration between bereavement researchers, educators, policy writers, service providers, funeral directors, Indigenous communities, emergency services, military personnel, and those bereaved by suicide
  4. To contribute to an evidence base through the exchange of research and practice knowledge
  5. To raise the prominence of suicide bereavement issues at a national level and with the support of the Conference Organising Committee
  6. To highlight the range of Australian bereavement services and promote an integrated and cohesive approach to the needs of bereaved people, Indigenous communities, military and emergency service personnel at a local, state, national and international level


The Healing and Remembrance Ceremony will be held on Saturday afternoon, 15th June 2019. The Ceremony is a unique event that is the heart of the conference, providing an opportunity for individuals, families, friends and conference delegates to come together in strength and community to share and be supported in our grief as we honour and remember our loved ones and connect through hope and healing. 

The Healing and Remembrance Service is a key event for assisting the bereaved by suicide, together with emergency services and military personnel, to come together to support and comfort each other through their painful trauma and grief.