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Official Launch by Dr Judith Murray

What this book offers is a rich abundance of threads to follow as you walk through the territory of your grief, the abiding feeling arising throughout these pages is spaciousness, simplicity, silence. And time—time and space to feel and heal, to wonder and ponder
Karen Bedford 
Managing Editor, St Luke's Innovation Resources
Pondering Grief is a book designed for those experiencing the loss, change and transition to reflect on grief in whatever way feels meaningful and supportive. The book provides various ways to explore discover and express the thoughts, feelings and sensations often experienced at times of change and transition..
You may ponder alone or with others, you may pick the book up and put it down again, as we tend to move at times toward our grief and at other times needing to move away.
Author Linda Espie says “Grief has been my teacher. I have been tested and I have expanded as a person.My hope is that you have found some room, and space for yourself and your reflections throughout these pages.
“ Linda goes on to say “Respecting grief in all of its unfolding and emerging have offered me some deeply valued lessons.I am thankful for what I have gained in strength and conviction from my experiences. Such is Pondering Grief”.
Pondering Grief invites the reader into a spaciousness that is open, inclusive, tender and eternal. This is a soul offering from one who obviously knows the multitudes of landscapes that grief can evoke. There is room in these pages for the breadth of human experience and spirit. It is never prescriptive which is such a relief when it can feel as though we are constantly bombarded with quick fixes and self-help manuals.
Pondering Grief honours and nurtures the inner life of each individual reader, recognising both the common and the deeply personal experiences of grief. These are words and images that encourage us to ponder, and then to ponder anew… 
Cheryl Holmes, CEO, Spiritual Health Victoria