MEMS Executive Congress® US 2012

Panel 1 - MEMS Market

Analysts from leading research firms will present their outlook for future growth and trends in MEMS, and then take audience questions. Discussion topics will include: new opportunities for growth, new applications for MEMS, as well as market leaders and losers. These panelists will stand behind their market research, point out areas of agreement, and voice any differences of opinion—all in an open, audience-engaging forum that will aim to draw an accurate picture of where the MEMS market is moving.

Panel 2 - MEMS in Medical/Quality of Life

Panel sponsored by Tronics

The panel will explore the cutting edge advances being developed at companies and are intended for integration into existing and revolutionary medical products. The panelists will discuss how MEMS is enabling better health/QoL with respect to prevention, monitoring, management, rehab and replacement. Experts will discuss leading technologies and growing commercial opportunities in the medical sciences ranging from lab to clinical care to patient monitoring, management, rehab, replacement and drug delivery, such as microfluidics. They will further explore how MEMS is well suited for new lifesaving and life-enhancing applications that require a high degree of interactivity with the environment in a small package.

Panel 3 - MEMS Technology Showcase®

Sponsored by Movea

“MEMS Technology Showcase” will give MEMS Executive Congress attendees an intimate look at some of the most unique MEMS-enabled applications in the business. After a competitive application process, MIG selected six finalists that show how MEMS enhances the user experience with electronic devices, highlighting the “MEMS INSIDE the machine.” Each finalist will get five minutes to wow the audience, who will text-message votes for their favorite demo. Take a look at last year's finalists and winner.

Panel 4 – MEMS in Consumer Products

Sponsored by MIPI Alliance

It started with the Nintendo Wii, then the Apple iPhone. Thanks to a reduction of prices and better software and infrastructure to catapult MEMS production, consumers are demanding more functionality of their products. This panel will discuss how various companies are leading the world in the innovative use of MEMS for consumer products such as mobile devices, tablets, remotes, television and gaming; and the list continues to grow. Panelists will also discuss the intense pressures of this highly lucrative but competitive market; does market leader also mean revenue leader? This panel asks and will try to answer these and other tough challenges in consumer products MEMS.

Panel 5 - MEMS in Emerging Technologies

Panel sponsored by OEM Group

MEMS markets will always be driven by innovation. Year after year, designers continue to find ingenious applications for MEMS technology. And while not every new design is commercially successful, the constant stream shows that there are plenty of applications for which MEMS enhances the user experience. The MEMS market is ever evolving. At first it was dominated by “mature” MEMS devices: ink jet print heads, pressure sensors, accelerometers and digital micromirror devices (DMD). More recent advancements include microfluidics, gyroscopes, silicon microphones and RF MEMS. In addition to these commercial winners, there are many new areas in which MEMS has either bridged the divide from R&D to commercialization (or is close to doing so), including robotics, smart energy and advanced microfluidics. These emerging MEMS markets have the potential to help double the overall MEMS market by 2015. Panelists will examine these upcoming technologies and will render predictions on their dramatic effect on the MEMS industry.