EDA Annual meeting 2018 (SM)

Name venue
Winkel van Sinkel

Oudegracht 158
The Netherlands

Contact information
Ben Westra
+31 (0)30 - 230 3030

History of 'Winkel van Sinkel'
In 1824, Mr Sinkel became the owner of the house 'Blijdestijn' at the Oudegracht, which he converted to a shop. Mr. Sinkel had larger plans with the old St. Barbara and St. Laurens Guesthouse which he converted to a shop. Mr Sinkel bought the old Guesthouse and the two houses that stood between this building and his shop. The Guesthouse sized out till the Neude, that is the place were Sinkel already bought two houses. After this, he broke down the entire complex and he was giving Assignments to different architects to build a shopping palace.