EDA Annual meeting 2018 (SM)
European Delirium Association Annual Meeting 2018

The annual meeting of the European Delirium Association (EDA) gathers Europe’s expertise in delirium and will take place on Thursday 1th and Friday 2th of November in the Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht (The Netherlands). 

Target audience
About 250 leading clinicians and researchers with expertise in delirium are expected.  

Key note speakers and program
  • Delirium in the ICU: Wes Ely (Vanderbilt University, Medical Center, Nashville, TN, USA)
  • Sepsis and the Brain: Michael Heneka (University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany)
Please click here for the program.

Delirium is a common and potentially serious medical condition that can affect the elderly, the frail, the sick, the cognitively impaired – but more generally: everyone – given (stressing) events. These may include – among others – infections, operations, change in or withdrawal from medication, sensory deprivation or even simply removal from one’s familiar environment such as hospitalization. Delirium is a state of acute confusion.

European Delirium Association (EDA) 
The European Delirium Association was founded in the mid-2000s by an enthusiastic group of practitioners and researchers, having realised that there was much work to be done in understanding the (pathophysiology, phenomenology and aetiology) of this often under-recognised, yet severely debilitating condition. And that benefit to the patient could only be achieved by transcending traditional borders between professions and specialties.

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