The Annual Meeting of the Conference of Executives

Virtual Program

For those unable to join us in Orlando, we are excited to offer complimentary live streaming of select sessions, including the kickoff general session! All live streamed sessions will also be recorded and available to view at the conclusion of the conference.

Adobe Connect will be used to virtualize the sessions. Before registering please review the following key points:

  • There is a limitation on the number of Adobe connections. Find a point person in your organization that can set up this meeting in one of your conference rooms. You will be able to hear the audio through the phone or your computer speakers. 
  • A joining link will be provided one week prior to the conference.
  • All times listed below are in Eastern time.

Sunday, February 11

1:00 pm - 2:15 pm
Staying Competitive in a Changing Business Climate
Matt Hyde, Former CEO, West Marine, and Chair, YMCA of the USA

Goodwill organizations continue to operate in a very competitive environment — contending with traditional thrift, discount and online retailers. So how can we stay relevant and competitive in the rapidly changing retail sector and maintain a focus on mission services? Matt Hyde’s experience at West Marine has lessons learned that can be applied across the Goodwill network. Find out how, under his leadership, West Marine transformed from a recognized boat parts retailer to a broader water life outfitter for both retail and professional customers. Hyde focused on improving customer experiences throughout the physical retail footprint, improving the online experience and enhancing a curated product assortment that re-positioned West Marine as the leading retailer of water life products and services.

4:15 pm - 5:15 pm *NEW ADDITION*
A Historical Look at the Role of the Conference of Executives in Goodwill's Structure
Presented by Mike Rowan, CEO, Goodwill Industries of San Diego County

Self-governance: The role of the CEO in governing the Member Services Center. Goodwill Industry International’s (GII) governance has evolved over time, beginning as a centrally controlled national organization, and moving toward a completely autonomous member controlled organization. It has made several stops along the way. The current model relies on a collaboration between a Board of Directors and Executive Council of Goodwill CEOs. How did we get here? What are the documents that define the relationships in our governance structure, and how has the structure allowed our locally controlled independent affiliates to thrive over the last generation? What is the difference between an independent organization and a membership organization?

Monday, February 12

8:00 am - 9:00 am
Leading an International Brand: A Tupperware Case Study
Rick Goings, Chairman and CEO, Tupperware Brands Corporation

We all know Tupperware, but did you know that Tupperware has “an unwavering commitment to enlighten, educate and empower women across the globe”? As strong as the Tupperware brand is domestically, the corporation is experiencing explosive international growth. How Tupperware reaches, inspires and challenges a worldwide team has applications to our work across the Goodwill network. Attendees will learn how this dynamic organization uses and reflects its core values to accomplish its purpose to “inspire women to cultivate the confidence they need to enrich their lives, nourish their families, and fuel communities around the world.”

11:00 am - 12:15 pm
COE Business Session *NEW ADDITION*

Goodwill CEOs come together for the business session of the AMCOE, which will include votes for new members of the COE Executive Council and 2018–2019 Executive Council Officers, recognition of new CEOs and new alumni, and other discussion among the COE.

12:30 pm - 1:45 pm
General Session Luncheon
Reaching for the Stars - One Goal at a Time 
Kelvin Manning, Associate Director, John F. Kennedy Space Center

For nearly 60 years, NASA has captured the imagination of the world. When we think of what Collins and Porras called “Big Hairy Audacious Goals,” NASA has set the bar. NASA Associate Director Kelvin Manning will share the latest as our nation plans a return to the moon and a mission to Mars. The exquisite operational planning for these goals can provide lessons learned to all leaders. The unifying and inspiring vision of NASA holds lessons that bear on our responsibilities to motivate our team members to achieve personal and organizational goals at the highest level. 

Tuesday, February 13

11:00 am - 12:15 pm
Determining Member Priorities: A Working Session
Rich Borer, President and CEO, Goodwill of Southern New England, Karla Grazier, President and CEO, Discover Goodwill of Southern and Western Colorado and Debbie Passerini, President and CEO, Goodwill Industries Southcoast

Join us for a CEO-to-CEO conversation to examine current member concerns. Share the things that keep you up at night and be ready to discuss these and consider solutions. Whether you have concerns about the viability of the donated goods model and sustainability of the Goodwill network, uncertainty as to how to maintain margins as costs increase, or are uneasy about peer-to-peer risks, we’re open to discuss it. The concerns generated by this session are intended to inform: 

The Executive Council to ensure they understand the real concerns of the membership.
• The GII Board Strategic Issues Planning Committee (SIPC), as concerns relate to modification of strategic plans to best meet member needs.
The GII member services team, so they can allocate resources to best address member needs.

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm
Optimizing Government Relations
John Colbert, Partner, Capital Hill Partners and Joanne Hilferty, President and CEO, Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries, Laura Walling, Senior Director of Government Relations, GII

The new administration and Congress now have a year under their belts. John Colbert of Capitol Hill Partners will provide an inside-the-beltway update on what evolving priorities mean for the Goodwill public policy agenda and how Goodwill can effectively engage in the process. This will include new information on where we have strong relationships with lawmakers and how we can leverage those relationships going forward. Finally, hear from a panel of your peers, who will share their legislative successes.

3:45 pm - 5:00 pm *NEW ADDITION*
COE Wrap Up and Preliminary Agenda for 2019 COE in Sandestin, FL
Presented by COE Chair Rich Borer, President of Goodwill of Southern New England and Jim Gibbons, President and CEO, GII