eHealth Tallinn

eHealth Tallinn 2017 Speaker Presentations


Presentation Title

Kostas Aligiannis Patient Empowerment
Tigran Arzumanov Use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) for identification of narrow patient populations
Liz Ashall-Payne Working with the NHS to search, discover and recommend the best health apps.
Kim Baden-Kristensen We heal the troubled and injured brain
Dr. Harsh Bhardwaj e health : an Indian Perspective
Angela Brand Data donors & Citizen-controlled data Governance for secondary use
Christine Brukhty Identos - mobile security
Francesca Cattarin Citizen-Controlled Data Governance and Data Donors
Vasilis Charisis Intelligent Parkinson’s early detection guiding novel supportive interventions
Richard Corbridge Transformation-to-Digital-Healthcare
Hans Danneels Byteflies- we enable wearable health
Tom Dawson A Digital Telehealth Framework
Dr. Toni Dedeu Global Integrated Care, Diabetes Cardio-Vascular, Sanofi
Dr. Toni Dedeu Health Data Analytics process and citizen rights Case study from Catalonia
Frédéric Destrebecq A digital future for Brain Health?
Christian Dierks Legal Aspects of Blockchains in Healthcare
Taavi Einaste Secure smart identity for healthcare
Jonas Eriksson Power of Member Awareness & Involvement – Case Study Patient Voice™ in Sweden
Miguel Gonzalez-Sancho Session "integrated, person-centred care innovation for ageing and chronic diseases
Alexandre Grutman Independent & Assisted Living
Laurie Hawkins Digital Health in Australia
Louise Herbild Patient Voice
Konstantin Hyppönen Free flow of health data in Finland, the citizen's perspective
Kumar Jacob Wellbeing of Londoners
Kumar Jacob Virtual Reality
Anne Kallio Cloud computing in health and social care
Uta Knöchel CCMM and the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein
Joseph Kvedar The Next Fountain of Youth?
Pascal Lardier The European Hub for eHealth Business Support
Mikk Lellsaar The Cloud:next step for an advanced e-(society)Health
Dimitra Liveri Predicting the future: Hospitals under attack
Henrique Martins Cloud Computing for patients’ privacy and quality of healthcare
Dr Cathy Mulligan Blockchain – a brief overview
Dee O’Sullivan Digital capacity-building: how patients and patient groups are changing health priorities, policy and service delivery
Andrus Paats Country Wide Central Medical Image Archive: Estonian example
Antti Poikola Personal Data: Asset or Right or Both?
Carme Pratdepadua Bringing mobile health to Catalan citizens
Bleddyn Rees Digital Health Redefining Stakeholder Partnership & Business ModelsA legal/contractual perspective
Bleddyn Rees Legal Framework facilitating the free-flow & 2nd use of health data
Herb Riband Amgen’s approach to value-based healthcare in Europe
Dr. Ellen Schenk Education and training of the digital doctor – announcement of a new initiative
Dr David Somekh Empowering Citizens in the Digital Health Society
Laurance Stuntz Massachusetts Digital Health Initiative
Bart Vannieuwenhuyse Building the European Health Data Eco-system
Dr. Julio Vivero Health in ECSO
Leo Wanner KRISTINA - A Knowledge-Based Virtual Conversation Agent