eHealth Tallinn


Traveling to Tallinn will vary depending on your where you are starting your journey from. We have selected the top cities we are expecting delegates to travel from, in order to help you plan your trip to eHealth Tallinn. Please see below:

Traveling from Helsinki:

FERRY: The Helsinki Tallinn ferry route connects Finland with Estonia and is currently operated by three ferry companies, jointly crossing over ten times per day. It takes about two hours and cost varies between €50 and €100 for a one-way trip in October. More information here:

Traveling from Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo:

FLIGHT: Though these Nordic cities are geographically close to Tallinn, the fastest and most cost effective way to get there would be flying. All three cities offer non-stop flights to Tallinn. From Copenhagen and Oslo one gets there in 1h30m and from Stockholm one can expect to be there in just under an hour. Rates are reasonable if one books in advance:

Traveling from Riga:

BUS AND TRAIN: One would typically get from Riga to Tallinn either by car, bus or train. The bus being the most popular mode of transport between these two cities. A one-way trip can cost as little as €15. See more information here:

Traveling from Brussels:

FLIGHT: Direct flights are available from Brussels to Tallinn but are limited. Flights are only available at certain times and are operated by one airline. It is likely that these flights will fill up in advance, so do take the time to book now to avoid higher rates and to avoid having to stop over somewhere else:

Traveling from Amsterdam:

FLIGHT: Direct flights are available from Amsterdam to Tallinn and operated by more than one airline. Flights are available in the morning and the evening. Compare rates here:

Traveling from London:

FLIGHT: Ryanair offers the best rate from London to Tallinn. It is a direct flight and can cost as little as €90 return. Only if it is booked in advance. Confirm rates here:

Traveling from Spain/France/Italy:

FLIGHT: Flights from these destinations are the farthest away from Tallinn and are therefore likely to have one or more stop-overs. Flight rates are also slightly higher from these destinations for the same reasons. We strongly suggest you plan your journey well in advance to benefit from the best offers. Compare rates here:

Traveling from Germany and rest of Europe:

Flights are available from Germany with no stop-overs, as well as other European countries. We recommend you plan your trip in advance to avoid having to pay over-priced airfares.