About Digital Book World Conference + Expo

Digital Book World 2012 is the only conference that offers trade publishers hard data on the state of the book business as well as actionable, proven strategies for taking immediate advantage of opportunities as they develop in today’s publishing industry.
Other conferences focus on new technologies as they relate to content creation, but only Digital Book World speaks directly to trade publishers through:
THE PROGRAM: Digital Book World’s program is focused specifically on the challenges and opportunities facing trade book publishers of all sizes; every session is relevant to your business.
THE TAKEAWAYS: You’ll receive exclusive reports, shared for the first time at DBW 2012, on buying trends, consumer attitudes, technology to watch and much more. Be one of the first to capitalize on this brand-new data before it hits the streets.
THE INNOVATORS: Digital Book World’s speakers know the publishing business inside and out, and understand the technologies that really drive revenue and reader engagement. Their focus is on presenting strategies that can be implemented immediately for an impact in 2012, not 2015 or beyond.
THE NETWORK: Digital Book World’s speakers and attendees represent a cross-section of the publishing industry, from presidents, CEOs, editors, marketers and publicists of large and small houses to agents, authors, booksellers, librarians and technologists. Get into the same room with these professionals and make contacts that will help drive your business forward.
THE OPTIMISM: In the midst of the gloom-and-doom naysayers and pundits, there’s a thriving community of publishers, editors, marketers, agents, booksellers, librarians, authors, and readers of all kinds who are passionate about the book, in all its forms, and are working within the industry to help change it for the better. They’ll all be gathered under one roof at DBW 2012.
Digital Book World 2012 will present the proven innovators working at the intersection of publishing and technology who have the experience, insights and strategies to help you and your company successfully manage risks and seize opportunities.