Vinyltec 2017


Cristian Barcan
"The Path to Leadership for the Vinyl Industry in Sustainable Development"
Cristian Barcan leads the Vinyl Institute's campaign to advance the vinyl industry's sustainability commitment and progress, and builds positive relationships with key influencers. He also manages, as Executive Director, the Vinyl Business and Sustainability Council. Cristian will review the vinyl industry's sustainability gains and provide a roadmap for the companies involved to make a significant contribution to sustainable development.
Patrick Harmon
"Sustainability of Plasticizers: How do you know?"
Patrick is Industry Manager for Industrial Petrochemicals at BASF Corporation and is responsible for regulatory affairs, product advocacy, new business development and sustainability. He will discuss green chemistry, sustainability and methods to evaluate plasticizers to determine if they genuinely contribute to the sustainability needs of the market.
Randy Brown
"Vinyl Contributes to the Reduction of CO2 in Aviation"
Randy has over 35 years of experience with processing plastics. He will show how a switch from laminated honeycomb panels to PVC/PMMA polymer sheet contributes to reducing CO2 emissions by reducing weight in commercial aircraft.
Richard Krock
"Recycling Progress in the U.S. and Canadian Vinyl Industry"
Rich is responsible for coordinating the vinyl resin industry's regulatory and technical affairs. He will discuss how vinyl industry efforts have increased pre- and post-consumer recycling and reduced vinyl going into landfills.
Kevin Ott
"Perspectives on Ortho-Phalates: FDA Food Additive Petition"
In 2016 the FDA agreed to review food additive petition filed by the NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL and other NGO's to withdraw approval for phthalates in food packaging. Kevin will discuss the industry's defense of these plasticizers to FDA.
Matt Dobson & Derek Young
"LCA – Key to Using Facts and Science to Dispel Myths and Position Vinyl as a Sustainable Product of Choice"
Matt and Derek will review Life Cycle Analysis, discuss the importance of its use, and present two case studies relevant to the vinyl industry.