Vinyltec 2017


Wednesday, October 11
Dave Peters
Shawnee Chemical Company
PVC market dynamics
Change and adapting to change is a part the PVC industry. Dave will review what has changed, the dynamics of the raw materials – ethylene and chlorine, supply/demand and integration developments, and a forecast of what lies ahead.
Sandy Payne
"The Plasticizer Market is On the Move"
There is a dramatic shift in the US plasticizer market. NGO action, government regulations, and plasticizer deselection have taken a toll on the phthalates. Sandy will discuss raw materials and market trends on a global basis.
Luncheon Speaker
Charlene Wall-Warren
"Creating Chemistry for a Sustainable Future"
Sustainability is the new corporate discipline. Charlene will describe the three pillars of sustainability, discuss how chemistry is an enabler for sustainable solutions, present why sustainability is becoming ever more critical for companies to integrate into strategy, and how BASF and other leaders are maximizing opportunity and reducing risk.
Thursday, October 12
Devon Hill
Keller and Heckman
"Defending PVC"
Just as with Donald Trump, the nation has a love hate relationship with PVC. Devon will discuss the industry efforts to defend the resin and its markets.
Bob Paradis
Keller and Heckman
"Update of Residual VCM Vinyl Chloride Levels in PVC Resins and Products"
It's been 40 years since VCM became a regulatory issue for PVC. Bob will provide an update of what has transpired over those years and the current state of affairs with PVC resin and rigid PVC products.