Vinyltec 2017


The SPE Vinyl Plastics Division is issuing a call for papers for Vinyltec® 2017 for topics including:

  • Additives/Modifiers—Plasticizers, Heat Stabilizers, Antioxidants, Fillers, Rheology Modifiers, Impact Modifiers, etc.
  • Processing—Extrusion, Foam, Sheet, Plastisol, Dry Blending, etc.
  • Applications—Automotive, Construction, Medical, etc.
  • Regulatory—LEED, USGBC, OSHA, REACH, etc.
  • Sustainability—Life Cycle Analysis, Renewable/Sustainable Additives, Recycling, etc.

To make a presentation, or suggest pre-conference seminar topics:

Contact Tara Smith
Technical Program Committee Chair