Sightlines Insights Summit '17

Success Sessions


Insights Summit '17 will feature a series of success sessions presented by senior finance and facilities administrators from member campuses. These sessions are designed to explore innovative facilities solutions and facilitate strategic peer-to-peer dialogue to ensure that each attendee leaves with the knowledge and tools necessary to address the current and future needs of their institutions.

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Session Descriptions

Tuesday, November 14; 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Innovative Strategies for Closing the Stewardship Gap

Scott Turley, Executive Director of Campus Utilities, University of Arkansas
Ben Suplick, Director of Operations and Maintenance Administration, University of Pennsylvania
Don Guckert, Associate Vice President & Director, Facilities Management, University of Iowa
Matthew Bausher, Senior Director of Member Services, Sightlines

The Changing Landscape of Sustainability in Higher Education

Jane Schneider, AVP for Facilities and Operations, Texas A&M University
Heather Finnegan, Product Manager for Sustainability, Sightlines

Balancing Act: Managing Space While Reducing Deferred Maintenance

Christopher "Kit" Johnson, Associate Vice President for Master Planning and Construction, St. Edward's University
Nate Pramuk, Senior Account Manager, Sightlines

Tuesday, November 14; 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm

Managing the Evolving Workforce

Dennis Bailey, Associate Vice President for Facilities, Florida State University
Marta Solinas-Hovar, Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning & Operations, University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley
Pete Zuraw, Vice President of Market Strategy & Development, Sightlines

An Officer and a University

Dave Maharrey, Executive Director of Facilities Services, Louisiana State University
Tom Satterly, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management, Colorado State University
Kevan Will, Senior Account Manager, Sightlines

9 Things You Should Be Doing on the Member Portal...But Probably Aren't 
Kathleen Buckley, Service Manager, Sightlines

Wednesday, November 15; 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Bringing Your Facilities Assessment to Life 
Melissa Plaskonos, Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management, University of San Diego
John Shenette, Associate Vice President for Facilities & Campus Services, Wake Forest University
Gabby Rosas, Associate Director of Member Services, Sightlines
Dan Starr, Member Services Account Manager, Sightlines

#SocialMaintenance: Facilities Communication in the 21st Century

Dave Irvin, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Services, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Mark Helms, Associate Vice President for Physical Plant Division, University of Florida
Caroline Johnson, Regional Service Manager, Sightlines

From Strategy to Execution: How Gordian Can Help Complete Your Sightlines Journey

Daniel Pisaniello, Facilities Management AVC, University of Pittsburgh
David Rasberry, Enterprise Account Executive, Gordian