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12 h 00 - 12 h 10I.1. Opening address
Dr. Kunio MIKURIYA, Secretary General, World Customs Organization (WCO)
Topic I - Key technological challenges and opportunities in the times of the crisis
This high-level session aims to gain a better understanding of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic  on Customs and to explore how technologies can mitigate the associated risks in similar crisis situations.

12 h 10 - 13 h 00I.2. High-level round table
Moderator Dr. Kunio MIKURIYA, Secretary General, World Customs Organization (WCO)
Mr. John DENTON, Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
Mr. Ahmed AL KHALIFA, Acting Chairperson of WCO Council and President of Customs, Bahrein
Ms. Rosine UWAMARIYA, Commissioner for Customs Services Department, Revenue Authority, Rwanda
Ms. Carol WEST, President & CEO, Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB) and Secretary, International Federation of Customs Brokers Associations (IFCBA)
Mr. Michael OUTRAM APM, Commissioner, Australian Border Force
13 h 00 - 13 h 05Video break
Topic I (continued) with new speakers and format
Moderator Mr. Frank HEIJMANN, Head of Trade Relations, Customs Administration of the Netherlands
13 h 05 - 13 h 15I.3. One-on-one interview
Mr. Jonathan FLEMING, President S2 Global, Rapiscan systems - AS&E - S2 Global
13 h 15 - 13 h 25I.4. One-on-one interview
Mr. Bonggyu CHAE, Director of Multilateral cooperation division, Korea Customs Service
13 h 25 - 13 h 35I.5. One-on-one interview
Ms. Erica Chavez CASTILLO, Industry Director, Microsoft LATAM
13 h 35 - 13 h 45I.6. One-on-one interview
Dr. Zhiqiang CHEN, CEO, President and Chairman of NUCTECH
15 h 45 - 13 h 50Video break

Topic II - Inspection equipment and officers safety

Social distancing has been the most important way of ensuring that Customs officers, as well as customers, are safe and protected during the pandemic. This session will look into how non-intrusive inspection has been used in this context, how Customs have enhanced the use of drones to contribute to the newly established safety measures, what is the future of passenger controls, among other interesting questions.

13 h 50 - 14 h 50II.1. Panel discussion
Moderator Mr. Wil van HEESWIJK, Policy Officer- Customs Detection and Control equipment, DG TAXUD, European Commission
Mr. Abel KAGUMIRE, Commissioner Customs, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)
Eng. Adel Obaid ALSUWAIDI, Director, Technical Support Department, Dubai Customs
Ms. Melissa ODEGAARD, Director Marketing, S2 Global
Dr. Toni MÄNNISTÖ, Head of Research, Cross-border Research Association (CBRA)

Topic III - Electronic services and paperless trade
Social distancing requirements during COVID-19 have prompted Customs and the business to rely more on available solutions such as single window and electronic payment, as well as to strive for new technological solutions. What are the opportunities for using artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT and other technologies?
12 h 00 - 13 h 10III.1. Panel discussion
Moderator Mr. Satya SP SAHU, Senior Trade Facilitation Specialist, World Bank Group
Ms. Marilú LLERENA, Deputy National Superintendent of Customs, SUNAT Peru
Mr. Norbert KOUWENHOVEN, TradeLens, Authorities Leader, IBM
Ms. Meera KUMAR, VP, Portall
Ms. Valentina ION, Director Business Strategy, Microsoft Global
Mr. Solomon RAJ, Product Director, GeTS / CrimsonLogic
13 h 10 - 13 h 15Video break
Topic III (continued) with new speakers
Moderator Mr. Gordon WRIGHT, Head Cargo Border Management, International Air Transport Association (IATA)
13 h 15 - 13 h 25III.2. One-on-one interview
Mr. Charles Inoussa SACCA BOCO, Director General, Benin Customs
13 h 25 - 13 h 35III.3. One-on-one interview
Ms. Mar Chao LOPEZ, Commercial Director, Valencia Port, Spain
13 h 35 - 13 h 45III.4. One-on-one interview
Mr. Sergio Garcia da S ALENCAR, Customs Operational Coordinator at Special Secretariat of the Federal Revenue, Brazil
13 h 45 - 13 h 55III.5. One-on-one interview
Ms. Gordana VIDANOVIĆ, Counselor – Customs, Mission of the Republic of Serbia to the EU
13 h 55 - 14 h 00Video break
Topic IV - E-Commerce

As a result of COVID-19, customers have become more reliant on e-commerce, which has resulted in further increases in electronic trade volumes, a trend which is expected to continue even after the pandemic. This session aims to better understand how this development has affected Customs and what have been the solutions implemented.

14 h 00 - 15 h 00IV.1. Panel discussion
Moderator Ms. Marianne ROWDEN, President and CEO, American Association of Exporters and Importers (AAEI)
Mr. Mike LEAHY, Director General, Transformation, Planning and Projects, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)
Mr. Dietmar JOST, Customs and Security Advisor, Global Express Association (GEA)
Mr. Noor ADAN, Supply Chain Coordinator, Universal Postal Union (UPU)

Topic V – Teleworking: implications for Customs and border authorities

For many administrations working from home is a novelty. What have been the challenges and the benefits identified and how are Customs planning to work in the future?

12 h 00 - 13 h 00V.1. Round table
Moderator Mr. Ricardo TREVINO CHAPA, Deputy Secretary General , World Customs Organization (WCO)
Mr. Joshua POLCHAR, Foresight Unit OECD
Ms. Andrea BRIGHT, Assistant Commissioner, Officer of Human Resources Management , United States Customs and Border Protection
Ms. Malin HASSEL, ICT Educator, Customs Administration, Sweden
Ms. Ronke Olajumoke OLUBIYI, Deputy Comptroller General, Nigeria Customs Service
13 h 00 - 13 h 05Video break
Topic V (continued) with new speakers and format
Moderator Mr. Chris Thibedeau, Chief Executive Officer, TTEK Inc.
13 h 05 - 13 h 15V.2. One-on-one interview
Mr. Vivekanand RAMBURUN, Director, Customs, Mauritius Revenue Authority, Mauritius
13 h 15 - 13 h 25V.3. One-on-one interview
Mr. Nigel MOORE, Consultant, Lead of CAREC Advance Transit System (CATS), Asian Development Bank
13 h 25 - 13 h 35V.4. One-on-one interview
Ms. Maria Rosaria CECCARELLI, Chief, Trade Facilitation Section, Economic Cooperation and Trade Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) 
13 h 35 - 13 h 45V.5. One-on-one interview
Ms. Tayra Ivonne BARSALLO Z., Director General of the National Customs Authority, Panama
13 h 45 - 13 h 50Video break
Topic VI - How to build resilience for the future
13 h 50 - 14 h 50VI.1. High-level round table
Moderator Mr. John Edwin MEIN, Chairperson of the WCO Private Sector Consultative Group, (PSCG)
Mr. Chuan KANG, Director General for Science and Technology , China Customs
Mr. Samy ZAYANI, Executive Director, WebbFontaine
Mr. Agus SUDARMADI, Director of Customs and Excise Information and Technology, Indonesia Customs
Mr. Tom ISHERWOOD, Partner, McKinsey & Company
Ms. Colette HERCHER, President, Central Customs Authority of Germany
14 h 50 - 15 h 00Closing address
14 h 50 - 15 h 00VII.1. Wrap-up
Mr. Pranab Kumar DAS, Director Compliance and Facilitation, World Customs Organization (WCO)
Webinar facilitators
Ms. Milena BUDIMIROVIC, Senior Technical Officer, Procedures and Facilitation, World Customs Organization (WCO)
Ms. Vyara FILIPOVA, Technical Attaché, Procedures and Facilitation, World Customs Organization (WCO)