2018 INS National Academy


Culture of Collaboration in Infusion Practice

Nurses play an important role in the Institute of Health Care Improvement’s triple aim goal: improving patient satisfaction, improving outcomes, and reducing health care costs. As members of the interprofessional team, infusion nurses’ expertise is essential to care coordination outcomes. The transfer of infusion therapy patients between care units and alternative settings can create challenges, as well as opportunities for care collaboration. Today’s presenters will address potential consequences resulting from lack of teamwork, real-life challenges, and communication barriers as patients transition through the care continuum. Patient-centered care, building collaboration skills, and overall tactical communication strategies that positively impact patient care and empower others will also be covered.

LEARNING OUTCOME: At the conclusion of this one-day program, participants will be able to discuss challenges and solutions involved with patient care coordination.

The One-Day Program is supported by a continuing nursing education grant from