2018 INS National Academy
                                       CLINICAL COMMUNITY EXCHANGE

This series of roundtable sessions will offer participants the opportunity to choose from 2 of the following sessions, each consisting of a 10-minute presentation followed by an interactive group discussion. Attendance at 2 roundtable sessions is required for CE credit. The 4 sessions are as follows:


SC 506–1: Behind the Scenes at INS
Presented by INS President Felicia Schaps, MSN-Ed, RN, CRNI®, OCN®, CNSC, IgCN
This session will discuss the journey of one member of INS’ Board of Directors, who will provide a behind-the-scenes look at how society business is driven by our mission. The board member will discuss how involvement with INS has positively impacted her clinical practice, with the goal of inspiring participants to become more involved with INS.

SC 506–2: Infection Prevention With Short Peripheral Catheters
Presented by Susan Smith, DNP, APRN, ACNS-BC
This session will examine the incidence and common causes of infections related to short peripheral catheters (SPCs), as well as strategies for preventing SPC-related infections.


SC 506–3: Legal Aspects Related to Peripheral Intravenous Therapy
Presented by Caryn Jaffe, RN, CLNC
This session will address legal implications related to peripheral intravenous therapy and key recommendations for medical record documentation.

SC 506–4:
Short Peripheral Catheter Best Practice Bundle
Presented by Lee Steere, RN, CRNI®, VA-BC
This session will review and discuss the details of a randomized controlled study aimed at demonstrating improved efficiency and longer dwell time of short peripheral catheters (SPCs) inserted and managed by a specialty team using a peripheral bundle with the “5 rights” of placement and management.

After the sessions, attendees will be able to list strategies they will be able to incorporate into their daily practice to improve patient care.