2017 BMT Tandem Meetings Policy for Abstracts 

Abstract Eligibility 
  • Work submitted for presentation should not have been reported previously in an archival scientific publication, either as an article or as an abstract, at the time of submission
Conference Registration Fees 
  • Abstract presenting authors will be eligible for the Early Registration Rate even after Standard and On-Site registration rates apply. 
Responsibility of Abstract Authors 
  • The first author listed for each abstract serves as the Presenting Author and is the primary contact for all correspondence regarding the abstract.  
  • The Presenting Author is responsible for the following: 
    • Ensuring that all authors have read the abstract and agreed to be co-authors. 
    • Notifying all co-authors of any additions, deletions, and changes to the program, as may be communicated by the BMT Tandem Meetings. 
    • Obtaining all of the conflict-of-interest disclosure information from co-authors. 
    • Making certain that abstracts are complete (tables included and labeled) and written in clear, concise and grammatically correct English, so that reviewers are able to focus solely on the scientific merits of the submission. For authors with any question regarding the clarity, grammar or spelling of their abstract, we encourage identifying and using an independent reviewer to edit the abstract prior to submission. 
    • Ensuring that he/she will be prepared to present and to respond to questions regarding the abstract. If that is not the case, the authors should choose a poster as their preference. 
  • Each abstract author agrees and certifies that he or she: 
    • Has read all of the rules and agrees to be bound by them. 
    • Is responsible for submission of the abstract in accordance with the rules, and waives any and all claims against ASBMT/CIBMTR/BMT Tandem Meetings and any reviewer arising out of or relating to the abstract submission and review process, including but not limited to peer review and the grading of abstracts. 
Abstract Review 

Abstracts are peer reviewed on their scientific merits and according to subject category. Individuals submitting abstracts must indicate the appropriate review category. The ASBMT, CIBMTR and BMT Tandem Meetings reserve the right to make minor editorial grammatical/spelling changes if required for clarity of presentation. 


Authors assign copyright of the abstract to ASBMT upon submission, unless one of the authors is a U.S. Federal employee. This means that the identical abstract may not be republished or submitted to another meeting; however, Elsevier may grant permission for reuse of abstract content on behalf of ASBMT. You can request to re-use an abstract at http://www.elsevier.com/authors/permission-request-form.