ANTEC Anaheim 2017


Our Plenary Speakers!

Mukerrem Cakmak, Reilly Professor of Materials Engineering & Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University
Topic: Flexible, Stretchable, Transparent and Electrically Conductive Polymer Films via a Hybrid Electrospinning and Solution Casting Process for Flexible Electronics
Monday Afternoon, 12:15PM
William E. Cohn Vice President, Medical Devices, Center for Device Innovation,
Topic: The Past, Present and Future of the Total Artificial Heart
Monday Evening, 5PM
Ica Manas-Zloczower, Professor of Advanced Materials and Energy in the Macromolecular Science & Engineering Department at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland,
Topic: Shaping the Future: Sustainability and the Plastics Industry
Tuesday Afternoon, 12:15PM
Brian Collins,
Former Walt Disney Imagineer, Show Writer for virtually all of Disney's Florida theme parks,
Topic: Molding Your Mind for Creativity and Innovation
Tuesday Evening, 5PM