ANTEC Anaheim 2017
Plasticity Forum
Tuesday, May 9
A Big Conversation on the Future of Plastics
Come hear from global experts on how plastics can be a key driver within a circular economy, how we scale solutions to do so, and what the opportunities are for designers who are looking to make their mark in leadership with industry, and how companies can stay at the cutting edge of plastic sustainability advances.

Industry 4.0  
Wednesday, May 10
How Smart Manufacturing is Changing Your World
Industry 4.0 is much more than a buzzword. It describes an industrial revolution taking place in manufacturing whereby interconnectivity—between consumers and products, between man and machine, and among machines themselves—is reshaping how products are designed, how supply chains communicate and function, and how factories operate. Big data, feedback loops and cloud-connected sensors already are impacting how the plastics industry works, and the speed of change will only accelerate as “smart factories” become the norm.

Women's Networking Breakfast  
Tuesday, May 9
Listen to a panel discussion led by women who have made it to the top of the plastics industry!