Tehran, 18-19 September

CAPA Iran Aviation Finance Summit 2016 Agenda
Iran Aviation Finance Summit: Day 1. 18 September
09:30 Welcome by Summit Host
Imam Khomeini Airport City Company, Chairman & CEO, Mahmood Navidi
09:40 Opening Remarks by CAPA 
CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison
09:50 Aviation in Iran is Open for Business            
Iran represents one of the most exciting aviation markets in the world today. Opportunities exist right across the entire value chain. Minister Akhoundi will outline the priority areas in which Iran seeks cooperation with International partners.

Iranian Government, Minister of Roads & Urban Development, Dr. Abbas Akhoundi
10:10 Why the World needs to Trade with Iran 
British Government, Prime Minister's Trade Envoy to Iran, Lord Lamont of Lerwick
10:30 Opening up Iranian Aviation to Foreign Investment
Parliament of Iran, Head of Economic Commission, Mohammedreza Pour Ebrahimi
10:50 Tea, Coffee & Networking
11:30 Executive Panel: Growth Outlook for Air Travel in Iran
This panel discussion will assess the prospects for domestic, inbound and outbound travel in Iran, highlighting the traffic flows and market segments with the greatest potential and how and by whom they can best be served in terms of airline business models and fleets.
Moderator: CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison
  • British Airways, Chairman & CEO, Alex Cruz
  • Iran Air, Member of Board & CCO, Mohammed Reza Khoshnevisan
  • Safiran Air Tours, CEO, Dr. Mohammad Nahvi
12:45 Lunch and Networking
14:00 Executive Panel: Sourcing and Financing Aircraft
Sourcing and financing aircraft is the #1 priority for the Iranian aviation industry today. This session will consider some of the key issues that need to be addressed, including:
  • What is the status of International commercial banks with respect to sanctions? Are Chinese and other Asian banks likely to see an opportunity to finance aircraft transactions at this stage. Can offshore financial centres in the Gulf and Asia play a role as a conduit for the financing of Iranian carriers?
  • Are lessors less sensitive to sanctions? What role will lessors play in the Iranian market and which structures will be most appropriate? What are the benefits to Iranian carriers?
  • The use of US dollars for financing of aircraft in Iran is effectively prohibited. What risk does this create for airlines and for financiers? What solutions and structures can be developed for the Iranian market and are there any examples in other markets that can be drawn from?
  • The role and profile of export credit agencies as guarantors, what they can and cannot offer.
Moderator: DVB Bank, Member of the Board of MDs, Bertrand Grabowski
  • DAE Dubai Aerospace, CEO, Firoz Tarapore
  • Iran Air, Director General of Fleet Planning, Hossein Mansourian
  • Iranian Government, Deputy Minister of Roads & Urban Development, Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan
15:30 Tea, Coffee & Networking
16:10 Presentation: What benefits can Cape Town deliver to Iran?
Implementation of the Cape Town Convention can be a game changer for a country seeking to integrate itself into the global aircraft financing market, with export credit agencies and lessors offering discounts to airlines located in countries that are signatories to Cape Town. This presentation will focus on a practical issues around the steps that Iran needs to take to sign up to Cape Town, and the benefits that will accrue to airlines and financiers.

Clifford Chance, Partner, Antony Single
16:30 Executive Panel: The Role of the Secondary Aircraft Market
In addition to the acquisition of new equipment, the secondary market could play an important role in the expansion of the Iranian fleet, potentially providing the aircraft quicker and on a more cost-effective basis. This panel will assess the costs and benefits of the secondary market, discuss whether the financing of such equipment is easier than for new aircraft, and discuss the infrastructure and services that are required to be able to support this segment.
Moderator: DVB Bank, Member of the Board of MDsBertrand Grabowski
  • Farsco, CEO, Dr. Nikzad
  • Iran Aseman Airlines, Chairman & CEO, Hossein Alaei
  • Zagros Airlines, Chairman, Abdol Reza Mousavi
17:30 Close of Day 1
20:00 Networking Dinner & Guest Speaker
Iran Aviation Summit: Day 2,  19 September
09:30 Chairman's Opening Remarks 
CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison
09:50 Iran Welcomes the World
The lifting of nuclear-related sanctions in Jan-2016 brought to an end almost 40 years of Iran's isolation from the global community. The First Vice President of Iran will present the government's hopes for economic, commercial and social engagement with the rest of the world.

Government of Iran, First Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Es'haq Jahangiri
10:00 The JCPOA and its implication for the Global Economy and Security
  • Australian Embassy, Ambassador to Iran, H.E. Ian Biggs
  • British Embassy, Ambassador to Iran, H.E. Nicholas Hopton
  • French Embassy, Ambassador to Iran, H.E. Francois Senemaud
11:00 Tea, Coffee & Networking
11:35 Strategic Priorities for Iran's Civil Aviation Sector
Iran's civil aviation sector is poised for rapid expansion and modernisation. The President of Iran's Civil Aviation Organisation will outline the key priorities for the sector and the initiatives being pursued in the areas of fleet expansion, market entry, liberalisation, bilateral air services and the establishment of world class operations in allied fields such as maintenance and training.

Iran Civil Aviation Organisation, President, Ali Abedzadeh 
12:00 Investment Opportunities in Iran's First Aerotropolis
Imam Khomeini Airport City Company (IKAC) has been established as an independent government company responsible for transforming IKIA into an Airport City. IKIA has a 1500 hectare Free Trade Zone and a 2500 hectare Special Economic Zone, seeking to attract foreign and Iranian investment in diverse commercial, industrial, leisure and residential ventures. This presentation will highlight the investment opportunities at this aerotropolis.

Imam Khomeini Airport City Company NACO-3T, Senior Advisor, Dr. Henriques Salles Gennari
12:25 Strategic Outlook for Iran's Airports and Airspace
This presentation will outline the planned upgrade and modernisation programme is planned for Iran's airports, to support the expected growth in air traffic. This will encompass not only the largest airports, Tehran Mehrabad, Tehran IKIA, Mashhad and Esfahan, but also many of the more than 50 airports across the country. Airspace redesign and the installation of new equipment are other key priorities.

Iran Airports & Air Navigation Company, Board Member and Deputy CEO Airport Operations & Planning, Dr. Gholam Hossein Bagherian

12:50 Closing Remarks from Chairman
13:00 Lunch followed by Networking
14:00 Close of Summit